Intrigues, Tension as Jonathan, PDP’s Plan to Scuttle February Elections Unfolds


By James Obute

The  February 2015 general elections  are around the corner but the
alleged plan of President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP to scuttle the election over the fear of defeat is without
doubt increasing the political temperature.

The presidency and ruling party, PDP allegedly planned to give Gen.
Muhammed Buhari the treatment of June 12 if all efforts to frustrate
him from winning election failed.

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation
(APCPCO) penultimate Thursday, January 29 also alerted of a dastardly
plot by the PDP and the President Jonathan-led government to scuttle
the 2015 general elections.

The presidency and the ruling party recently made several efforts to
scuttle Buhari’s chances through fuuny allegations. Some of such
allegations which had been dismissed included certificate saga, fears
of Islamizing Nigeria, old age, alleged ill health etc. The party did not only said such allegations were unfounded but also gave evidences while Nigerians should vote and have confidence on him.

Following the understanding that people now have confidence him to
pilot the affairs of the nation in the direction  that bring about
rapid development, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives
Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari thanked Nigerians for having
confidence in him to right the several wrongs bedevilling the country.

However, having discovered the rising popularity and acceptance of
GMD as he is now popularly called, PDP led government become uncomfortable and is allegedly scheming to scuttle the election and possibly the hard earned democracy.

Pundits argue that Jonathan government may be aware or pretend to be
unaware of fate of several leaders accross the world who died or spent the
rest of their life in jail through International Court as a result of
poor handling of state affairs.

A statement by APCPCO on Thursday last week disclosed that the campaign has it on good authority that the kernel of the PDP plan is to use the
subterfuge of the frivolous litigation by some people to get a court
pronouncement (from one of the Presidency’s pliable Judges) to the
effect that General Muhammadu Buhari – the APC presidential candidate
– lied under oath in saying that the military had his certificate,
whereas, the military had denied being in possession of the

According to a statement signed by Director of Media and Publicity of
the campaign, Mallam Garba Shehu, the counter arguments by the APC’s
candidate’s counsel would not matter because the particular Federal
High Judge has been prepared to do a dirty hatchet job.

The APC revealed it is their calculation that this wicked
pronouncement of disqualification of the APC candidate shall
precipitate spontaneous violent protests across the country.

Shehu said this scenario shall then make President Goodluck Jonathan,
the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the 2015 general
election, to declare a six-month state of emergency across the land.

He disclosed that the three-week long strike action by the Judiciary
Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) was embarked upon on the prodding of
the PDP-led Federal government as a way to stymie any higher Court
upturning of the lower Court pronouncement which ruled on President
Jonathan’s eligibility to contest the February 14 election.

Similarly, the APC Campaign said the same trade Union has been
procured to open the Court to allow for this Court Pronouncement in
disqualifying General Buhari from contesting the election.

“We are aware of the intense desperation of the PDP-led Federal
government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in desiring to retain political
power at all costs despite his and his party’s overwhelming rejection
by the Nigerian people, ahead of the 2015 general election.

“We have brought this wicked plot of the PDP-led government to the
attention of Nigerians, from whom any government derives its
legitimacy. Nigeria cannot be thrown into chaos because of the selfish
and callous desire of a tiny cabal to goad the Nigerian people into
its destructive path. The governance of the Nigerian people by any
person or group of persons must have the assent of the Nigerian
people,” Shehu said.

The APC Campaign called on the International community to prevail on
this obviously agitated presidency not to plunge the Nigerian State
into avoidable intractable crisis.

Earlier, General Buhari, who spoke through a press statement signed by
the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign
Organisation (APCPCO), Mallam Garba Shehu, said the huge
reception his campaign trails have received in all the states visited
across the country thus far indicates how desperately Nigerians are
yearning for change.

The statement reads: “This is to appreciate the people of this great
country for the wide acceptance to vote for change in the coming

“The issues of corruption, insecurity, lies, weak economy among
several atrocities and damage that have been done to the country are
enough reasons for change.

“The saying that you can fool the people sometime, but you can’t fool
the people all the time is applicable here.

“After nearly 16 years of democracy, what we have today is
unacceptable: our youths are roaming the streets with no job and
poverty visible everywhere; the missing $20 billion oil money, the
missing Chibok girls, the ill-equipped military to fight insurgency,
corruption in high places, lack of vision and clueless regime of
governance are not acceptable to Nigerians. These are more than enough
reasons to fire up the vortex of change in the minds of our people.

“I appreciate the trust and confidence on me. Our country shall move
forward again. The country is tired of try and error leadership that
is imbued with absolute corruption. Let your vote count because it is
the only instrument we have to fight for the change we so earnestly
In view of legitimate fears by Nigerians that the PDP having probably came to the painful conclusion that it’s president will be squarely defeated by the opposition candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari if a free and fair election is held and considering the series of sponsored and desperate blackmails by the ruling PDP in an effort to undermine its chances and relevance which has so far failed woefully to yield positive result, it remains to be seen the magic President Goodluck Jonathan or his party will do to bring him back as president after the 2015 election as Nigerians from their reactions and mood; desperately seeking for change are not only ready to protect their votes but to resist any form of manipulation that will deny them their constitution right to elect a leader of their choice. To many pundits, if Nigeria can survive the 2015 election considering the desperation of so called democratic leaders to perpetuate in power against popular wish, the country will indeed have a bright future and that any future threat to its survival will fail.
But in Kaduna and despite brutal incumbency factor and wanton impunity, the governor,  Mr Ramalan Yero seems to be counting his days at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House due to what keen political observers of Kaduna politics said was due to his political blunder, immaturity and gross failure to maintain and sustain the hitherto support he has. They said Mr. Yero public call for the people of the state to elect President Jonathan as against their uncompromising wish for Gen. Buhari was perhaps the greatest political blunder of Mr. Yero’s short career in politics and one that he will dearly pay for at the guber polls. They also said Mr. Yero has gave sufficient reason to the opposition APC to hold him responsible should anything happens to any of its member because of the governor’s open declaration for violence and intolerance.


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