Is Nigeria really broke?


Nigeria as a country has been described by many as God’s own country especially as it has, by the special grace of God, been able to remain intact in spite of the prediction that  the country would fail in 2015.

As Nigeria has remained one single and corporate entity, with new set of leaders.  Therefore, Nigerians continue to express optimism that there is definitely going to be that change they want from the government they want. Our cover dwells on the great expectations of Nigerians vis-à-vis President Buhari’s inheritance of an empty treasury.

Mr. President was so aware of the great expectations of his government from Nigerians that he even appealed to the media to explain the true position of things to Nigerians.To be able to manage and do ‘something’ for Nigerians at least in short term, President Buhari thought of looking elsewhere for some takeoff funds for his administration. He said he will recover all funds stolen by government officials who abused their offices in the recent past.

Also, Nigerians have continued to watch with dismay the recent crisis rocking first the country’s National Assembly due to ‘power tussles’. While the Senate crisis was seen to be almost under control that of the House is threatening to consume the unity within the APC. What is happening, where and how is also in this edition.

Also in this edition is the giant stride of a group that has vowed to change the entire Zamfara landscape in terms of providing comprehensive computer knowledge to citizens.

This edition, like all others before it, promises nothing but the best.  Read on; it’s down to earth.


Deputy Editor.

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