This week (10/02/2013) marks thirty four years exactly that Republic of Iran- who was until then under western imperialism, established and chose Islamic Political thoughts as the only way of life through the means of revolution- the outcome of which Iran has today gone to a great height and competing with even some of the developed nations. The revolution was only one of its kinds the world ever had, which was not sponsored by international Zionism, neither was in favour of western capitalism nor did it imitate eastern communism- the two and only political/economical thoughts that were the order of the day.
Certainly, it wasn’t a big talk, judging from the fact that it came from a man who meant what he said. Perhaps, 33 winters ago, Imam Khomeini (Q.S)’s enlightened words might have sounded too spectacular, or might have been totally missed by those blinded by the jazzy effects of a make-belief world that did not see beyond crude material values. In the Cold War atmosphere of the time, the concept of an Islamic state and a return to inherent human values as embodied by Sharia, was rather mind-boggling.
It was led by popular Imam Sayyed Ruhullah Al Musawy Al Khomeini (Q.S), who inspite of the fact that he shook the world and seized Iran at that very moment, but he lived and death in rental house of only two rooms made up of mud! The Imam who spent all his nights while praying (bowing) before God, all his days while doing fasting, all his time for the right of oppressed, all his doing for the unity of human beings, all the power within his own reach to strengthen the less-privileged, all his speeches for the freedom, all his tears for the western/Zionist’s inhumanity over Palestinians, and all his struggle for humanity to live accordingly.
The revolution brought to its fronts ‘the true human right’, which is not Western one-sided human right, with which the founder considered the last Friday of every Ramadan to be the international Qud’s Day. This day is aimed to sympathize with our brothers in Palestine, whose right has for long been violated by the collective efforts of Western sponsored International Zionism. Surprisingly most of these Palestinians are Wahabi/Salafi Muslims, who see Shiism- Imam Khomeini’s school of thought as heretic school and some other Christians and Jews. This means Imam Khomeini (Q.S) had nothing political or personal to stand for Palestinians but his pity over western/Zionists inhumanity in the region.
It would sound monotonous to recall how the west adopted a hostile posture, how regional states took pro-western stand against the Islamic revolution for instance how they secretly sponsored the candidature of their close ally, Abul Hassan Bani Sadr- Imam Khomeini’s first candidate, and how the Soviet Union made a futile bid to prevent that burst of light in Iran from lifting up Central Asia and the Caucasus, by daubing Afhganistan in red (December 1979). Suffice it to say, today, as the Islamic Republic steps into its 34th year, having weathered the devastations of an eight year war, an economic blockade, and a hostile Western press (which till this day continues its tirade), political sanctions, facts and figures speak for themselves.
Since cleansing the cobwebs of monarchical rule, Iran has made rapid progress in all sectors. Mother industries have been set up, dams and irrigation works have been built, agriculture has improved, roads and rails have been laid out, electricity and drinking water have been taken to even remotest hamlets, non-oil exports have been increased, higher education and scientific centres have been established in almost all major towns and cities, and the literacy rate has more than quadrupled. And that they are at fore front of advanced technological countries of the world.
On the social front, women have found their real rights, moving about their duties in freedom of hijab, people have acquired a sense of duty, the atmosphere has become clean and healthy, art and culture have been revived for the benefit of the youth, cinemas has been transformed in to constructive vehicle, and there are no centres of Western style corruption like discos and sap minds and energies.
On the diplomatic front, the Islamic Republic has forged a links with almost all world states based on the principles of mutual respect. Its strategic geopolitical location coupled with its sincere efforts to promote peace, trade and cooperation in the region and beyond, have become evident to all. It sits astride the ancient Silk Road, serving as a window to the outside world for several former Soviet republics, and influencing all those who come in contact, with the finesse of its Islamic culture. In short, the revolution has transformed Iran in to a truly Islamic state, ensuring its political and economic independence, and serving as a model for others.
On the religious front, the Islamic Republic has a common front with other states, be it Muslim or non Muslim states- in as much as the state doesn’t support Israeli’s inhumanity over Palestinians. The revolution has respect being fair to Sunni Muslims, Christians and Jews of Iran who are minority. It has also advocated for Islam through the teaching of Prophet (P.B.U.H)’s progeny (Shi’a); especially to most muslims in Africa, Asia and Europe- most of who did not come to anything reliable about Shiism. In turn, it gives room for unity not only among Muslims but other non- Muslims states and individuals.
Unlike how the West tries to portray Iranian Revolution as the most worst Imperialism where few individuals have the overwhelming power over all (Imam Khomeini’s concept of Wilayatul Faqih); the people of Iran have certainly been the main asset of the Islamic Revolution, with the idea of majority rule being highly respected (democratization). The same West also portrays Iranian Revolution as Shi’a Revolution that stands for Shi’ites only, which is not, forgetting to tell the world that even the King Shah Pahlavi- whose government has been toppled was a Shiite- the reason why we must accept the fact that Iranian Revolution is not all that the West portrays. They have never left the scene since those memorable months preceding the victory of the Islamic Revolution (1978-1979), when they rallied to Imam Ruhollah Khomeini’s call to throw the Pahlavi monarchy into the dustbin of history. They were there all throughout those war years (1980-1988), to make faith triumphant over modern weaponry, and their presence today is a firm proof of the moral and material might of the Islamic Republic.
Although some secular Islamists might be condemning Iran and all did or does just because it is Shiites predominate state, but none of them can deny the fact that Iran is politically, socially, technologically and economically developed today; especially if it is compared with other Muslim nations like Nigeria- with whom they were decolonized by British; not to talk of those who chose to be Western hunting dogs in Egypt, Mali, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.
Aboki, a Public Affairs Analyst, Writes in from Dr. Kabir Umar street, Azare, Bauchi State.

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  1. please president ahmadinajad,don,t allow western intimidation to dislodge u pursuing your nuclear ambition.they are to trying to take away tour gold and give you a chocolate instead.acquiring a nuclear weapon is d only solution to world peace.we pray that d secrecy of nuclear knowledge will no longer b d sole monopoly of d west.

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