Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan threatens Southern Kaduna Militant Group, Akhwat Akwop


In an email sent to DESERT HERALD, the Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan has threaten the Southern Kaduna militant group, Akhwat Akwop over the laters threat on Fulani residents of the area. The message was conveyed by the spokes man of the group, Abu Ja’afar. Below is the text of the email.

We have received an information from agroup that is well known of its terrorist and atrocities on Muslim in SouthernKaduna known as Akhwat Akwop on the 5th June, 2012 with the messagethat; a five days notice is given to all the Fulani Muslim communities tovacate their mother land or face  deadlyattacks. This is not the first time, it can be recalled that the same groupopenly claimed the responsibility upon the brutality of the aftermath of thepresidential election of 2011 in that region (on killing women and childrenincluding burning Mosques and properties) which resulted to various refugeecamps for many Muslims. We have also not forgotten the atrocities of ZamaniLakwot of the previous years.

Lastly, we are calling on all the Muslimsto unite to terminate and retaliate on these terrorism. Any challenge tobrothers and sisters in Islam of Southern Kaduna is also a challenge to theentire Muslim world, because the prophet saw said; believers are like a singlebody, if any part is troubled the whole body is troubled. Base on the Hadith ithas became an obligation upon all of us to unite and face these infidels likethe way they are united in fighting us. It can also recalled that even ofrecent Thursday the 7th June, 2012. Ali Kwara was able to unover thesmuggling of weapons by a Custom Officer by named; Jack Bot to give them as hiscontribution to the fight against Islam and Muslims, and we are aware that somany of them exist. And at the end of the day Jack Bot will be free so why dothe Muslims fear to render their assistance in fighting these infidels. Theirbiggest agenda is to illiminate Islam and Muslims wherever they are. 

Abu Jafar, on behalf of   J.A.M.B.S.

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