Jonathan And His Motor-Park Talk


Did you hear President Goodluck Jonathan the other day? In the course of a well publicized meeting with a group of Northern elders, the president went haywire, hauling on a certain Olusegun Obasanjo. Even though Jonathan didn’t mention Obasanjo by name, his verbal grenades left no one in doubt as to the identity of his target.

Given the barbed arrows Obasanjo has been shooting in Jonathan’s direction lately, it came as no shock that the latter decide to hit back. What raised eyebrows, however, was his decision to stoop as low as using the gutter-like language of “motor-park touts” (to borrow Mr. president‘s own words).

Haba, Nigeria’s president and commander-in-chief of the army forces! Must you descend so low? Would a little fitness or circumspection have been out of order? Condemn or insult whoever you feel like, but must you desecrates your high office by resorting to gutter language?

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