Kaduna 2015 – 2019: Our Moment of Decision


Everyone agrees Nigeria is facing one of its biggest challenges since it came into being. We are going to elect the people who will lead us for the next four (4) years. The challenge is more serious for us in the North. We are facing grave problems of insecurity to lives and properties, wide spread poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment. It is internationally acknowledged that poverty is a problem of Northern Nigeria. These problems are largely as a result of poor leadership.
The wanton destruction of lives and properties going on in the North, with no sign of abetting, is recognized as one of the ugliest in the world. Yet, everyone is convinced the government is not doing enough to address it. The people affected have been cowed to submission. The few vocal ones have been silenced. This is a clear case of weak/poor leadership on our part. The entire North has been deliberately weakened politically and economically, we are now irrelevant in the country’s affairs. It is internationally acknowledged that poverty is a problem of Northern Nigeria. Why is this? The answer is simple, poor/weak leadership.
It is common knowledge that no one, regardless of his position or status, tinkers adversely with the interests of the South – West and gets away with it. They will rise collectively and fearlessly to challenge him/her. We have seen how they challenged the annulment of June 1993 election, the solidarity they declared in supporting their kith and kin Military officers during late Gen. Abacha’s regime and the former IGP Tafa Balogun during the regime of Chief Obasanjo when they had problems with the sitting government. Of recent, we have seen how the governor of Lagos State, HE, Raji Fashola, challenged the mounting of Military check points in Lagos. The letter he wrote to the President, which was published in the newspapers, showed courage and firmness. The check points were removed immediately.
No one in the presidency or outside dared to rebuke the governor or call him names. That was an example of good leadership – courage. Anytime Southern interests are infringed upon how so ever, they collectively and fearlessly challenge the case. It is not so in our case. Recent examples are enough to illustrate this. Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, was appointed because of the intervention of prominent politicians from the South who stood by Governor Rabi’u Kwankwaso. The subsequent attempt by the Presidency to arrest him was a humiliation to a highly revered institution of the North. Before it happened, no one could have thought such a treatment could be meted out to such a highly respected institution. It was a clear demonstration of what our colleagues in the South take us to be today- Cowards, despicable and disarrayed.
The recent or current attacks on the personal integrity of Gen. Muhammad Buhari are yet other examples of the contempt to which this administration holds us. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari can be said to be one of the most respected leaders in the North and also one of the most respected people in the country. He was not School qualification. The scrutiny of credentials was attempted during the reign of Chief Obasanjo but it was abandoned because of the futility of the exercise. Why Gen. Buhari is alone subjected to this indignity? The answer is simple. To humiliate him and the people he represents. It was done to show the rest of the country and world that we are a bunch of despicable people. We must rise to this challenge! We must put a stop to this war of calumny declared on us. We can only do so by putting capable people in position of leadership!!
The presidential election is between the incumbent who is proud of his performances as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces who wants to continue the “good work” he has been doing for the last six (6) years. That means, the pogrom and impoverishment will continue. The contender is a battle tested retired General. Former Head of State who is less than two (2) years of being in charge was able to reverse the decay that engulfed the country.
The contest for the governorship of Kaduna State is essentially between two (2) candidates. The incumbent and challenger, Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai. No doubt each one of them has his plans for Kaduna State. The question is the ability to deliver. God in his Wisdom had given each one of them the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership qualities. The incumbent has been on the seat for about two (2) years and the challenger was the FCT minister (equivalent of a state Governor) for four (4) years. We can now judge their performances on concrete terms.
It is no virtue to saddle one with a burden beyond his capacity. It is not what one desires that one should be given. Rather one should be given what he has the capacity and ability to carry. The best of people is the one who is most beneficial to the largest number of people. No good thing comes easy. If we fear to suffer, we will continue to suffer because of that fear.
God in His infinite mercies has blessed us with the knowledge and experience to make sound and rational judgment. We should help those under us, our immediate family and those under our care, to make the right decision devoid of sentiment and emotion. The election is an opportunity for us to bring about positive change peacefully. We are individually now facing great challenge. Whatever decision we make, we will account for it before God. We should act according to the dictates of our conscience and leave the rest to God. May God give us the courage us to make the right decision – Amen.
May God, the merciful, help us to help ourselves – Amen.

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