Kaduna under el-Rufai in Perspective


BY Yusuf Usman Garba
In Hausa Parlance, there is an adage which states that “Wayon aci ne, Koran biri a gindin dinya”. This adage simply connotes that it is with the intention to eat the fruits that a man is seen chasing monkeys from under the trees. This analogy can be drawn from the leadership style of Malam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai. Since his inauguration to date, El-Rufai’s policies are not only draconian but littered with shrewd and cunning intentions that are meant to short-change and swindle the common man.
According to his media handlers, each of these programs was painted with colorful texture of developmental agenda. But on deeper reflection, all of his programmes and policies are set on a single agenda; exploitation.
Rightly so, Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state agenda of exploitation is subtly hidden in the ongoing Screening Exercise, Demolition, ethnocentric speciousness, Tinkering with religious traditions, Neo-imperialism, Bribery and Corruption, Excessive injustice in the retirement of Permanent Secretaries, Waste, and Political Harakiri. I shall therefore attempt to highlight each of this prodigality that is being perpetrated by El-Rufai in less than 100 days in office.
So much tears, anguish, blood and hard earned resources have either been wasted or lost after the common man on the street who is now the victim spent months campaigning and hours standing on queue with their families to vote for what could possibly and expectedly liberate them from the antagonism and crude injustice of the PDP. Alas! Today the government of Malam Nasir El-Rufai which is supposed to pay back this gratitude shown to him without spending money on them is now coming back to pay them with excessive denial and executive sleaze.
Now let’s look at the ongoing screening exercise and its immediate implication on an ordinary worker. Qur’an 16 – 185 “One is not held by the offence committed by another man”. The purpose of this exercise is basically to set the record straight and identify true worker from ghost worker, albeit, the cost implication and consequences caused by this exercise far – far out-weighs the benefits therein. Yes the exercise is good, but the process and execution are filled with moral questions which includes, the exercise began in the Month of Ramadan, a month that was supposed to be meant for supplications, prayers, mercy and candor. In the hot sunshine of Ramadan men and women, the sick and the pregnant were forced to line up for this exercise which was adjudged to be unfair and wicked. Even battles, Allah SWT has proclaimed that they should be suspended during the holy months of Ramadan.
The consultants handling the screening exercise based on excessive charges against the ordinary worker.
This exercise has led the government to realize 120 million and uncovered about 33 non-existent schools with full staff list, the death of about 26 people in the Zaria Bomb blast, countless road accidents of staff travelling for screening from far distant locations and unfortunate omission of staff names amounted to over N1.2bn.
The neo-imperialist stand of El-Rufai’s Government can be seen in the compulsive tenement rent which will soon be implemented on the struggling masses of Kaduna, Ban on hawkers and beggars. This is not only draconian but absolutely man’s inhumanity against man.
It is also noteworthy to appreciate Mallam Nasiru’s administration as embarking on wasteful ventures which cost the state a lot of money at a time when states are bankrupt and need bailout. The planned intention of employing 255 Medical Doctors to be drafted one Doctor per Ward is going to be a futile exercise which at the end will just be another political gimmick. The unfortunate land recovery and reclamation exercise which is going on right now is one of the misplacements of funds and wastage of resources which Allah SWT condemned, verses and suras abound in the Qur’an. If it is not demolition but land recovery as it was later termed, why then is he making a u-turn by saying he will compensate anyone with genuine C of O? The question is, has Kaduna State become so rich that it can pay compensation running into billions of Naira while other sectors like Healthcare, Education and Agriculture are festering in decay and neglect?
However, Hannatu Musawa, a Columnist addressed the issue of demolition where she challenged Governor El-Rufai in a title “Small Demolition of a Giant legal breach”. All those wishing to appreciate the illegality, breach and neo-liberal posture of El-Rufa’is administration should refer to that piece.
In an unfortunate and infamous demonstration of Political delivery, Gov. El-Rufai has shown to us that he is a trainee – Governor and a neophyte that has refused to learn. Less than 100 days in power, accomplished politicians that have long been in politics, the likes of Haruna Y. Saeed Kajuru, Sen. Shehu Sani, Isah Ashiru Kudan and some grassroots politicians have come out publicly to challenge his administration for lack of policy consistency, insincerity, exclusion and arrogance.
While we are happy that the PDP government is out, Nasiru El-Rufai is sadly reviving its legacies of dual offices for one official, example; the Deputy Governor is the State Chairman of the APC while the commissioner Local Governments is also the State Party Secretary. This is clearly re-enactment of the PDP ideology of winner takes all.
The aspect of trying to involve PMB in Kaduna politics is unacceptable and demerit on Gov. El-Rufai. When the issue of school furniture was brought up, El-Rufai refused to invite interested contractors to submit tenders and bid for the award of contract, instead he concluded and gave the contracts to KFCC, a company owned by the uncle to PMB which is a clear issue of bribe as no bidding was done in order to promote competitiveness and due process.
Another issue of personalizing government affairs was the issue of consultancy. El-Rufai gave to the Husband of His Chief of Staff, Dr. Kurfi, whose firm CLTR was awarded contract for identifying and marking residences, plots and farmlands in Kaduna State without going for due process.
Before election, Malam Nasiru went round canvassing for support and prayers from religious leaders of Islam and Christianity, promising to consult with them in all affairs regarding religion. In the same vein, he even sent some to lesser Hajj and called for prayers from both Christians and Muslims at the Trade Fair Complex Kaduna. Surprisingly, when he became governor, religions establishments such as Kaduna State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board and Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board were the first to be attacked and muddled up by Malam Nasiru El-Rufai. He abolished all engagements and commitments related to subsidies and sponsorship of religious activities which have been on the agenda of the government since the days of Sir Ahmadu Bello. In fact, states such as Imo, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Edo have always given priority attention to Hajj operation by their governors at various times but El-Rufai in sharp discordance with Allah’s injunctions has criticized the intervention as waste of money, but yet is spending monies on trivialities of Ministry of Youths& Sports and that of Culture and Tourism without any qualms.
In demonstration of excessive injustice and executive sleaze, the governor as usual disregarded standing protocol of civil service rules and regulations in the retirement of permanent secretaries.
There are criteria such as age, years of service and tenure policy that are supposed to be considered before the retirement of a permanent secretary. The recent retirement of some permanent secretaries did not meet the requirement of the Civil Servant; he just went ahead with arrogance, sleaze and lasciviousness to end their careers, bringing an end to brilliant service thereby denying the state of meritorious service. I am not against retirement, as it is the standard requirement of civil service, what I am against is the way and manner El-Rufai went about retiring the Permanent Secretaries with pure and clear injustice.
The reader should note that all these administrative and political landmines were planted by Malam Nasir El-Rufai in less than 100 days in power, not minding the fact that Kaduna has been the headquarters of the Northern States and up till today it is an example of administrative lessons. What will happen to the state after 45 months? Lastly, Governor El-Rufai should understand that 45 months will soon come and go unknowingly, but if they are utilized in a generous manner, history will always refer to him as a beacon of hope and a pointer to national greatness and hope.
Kaduna state is not a state of political tricksters where you oppress the people in order to swindle or shortchange them, because on the long run you cannot escape our search light and the scrutiny of our association.

Garba, a political analyst, Lives in Kaduna and can be reached on


  1. Comment. ……….. stop being against positive change and stop falsely coating religion to gain support. El-Rufai is doing well and has achieved a lot within this short period of 100 days. Is sensitizing civil service sector not enough achievement? What is your give on 33 non existing schools that government are founding, that was discovered by E-Rufai administration? I refused to believed or accept all the wrong adjectives used in describing El-Rufai. Anybody criticizing him on his campaign or move is corruption himself. Thank God very few share your ideology.


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