Kannywood actress, Rahama, bags six-month suspension over sexual harassment claim


The Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria has suspended Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, for claiming she was denied a role in a movie for refusing sexual overtures of the director, Adam Zango.

The association said Ms. Sadau was suspended for violating its rules and regulation.
Ms. Sadau in a post on her Instagram page had accused Mr. Zango of firing her from his movie, Duniya Makaranta, after she rejected his romantic advances.
She, however, posted an apology the following day, calling her behaviour childish.
In a letter issued to Ms. Sadau on Tuesday, the association accused the actress of sabotaging producers by threatening to stop recording in the middle of a production.
Hassana Dalhat, a Kannywood movie promoter and marketer, applauded MOPPAN’s decision. She said suspending Ms. Sadau would serve as a lesson to others that the industry is governed by rules and principle.
PREMIUM TIMES tried to contact Ms. Sadau for her response, but the actress did not respond or return calls to her telephone.
However, a close friend of the actress said she had received the suspension letter and would comment on her next move soon.
In 2013, Nafisa Abdullahi was suspended for two years by the Arewa Film makers Association of Nigeria for organizing a party contrary to the laws governing the industry.


  1. This action is good move in a right direction to the laws of kannywood industries. It will serve as a deterrent to others especially those that sees themselves as “super men or super women in the industry.
    The actions of the young Rahma was not only childish but unfortunate. It undermined her credibility in the eyes of her thousands of fans.
    Even though I am not one of her fans,I can advice her to take the punishment with good heart and obey the laws governing the industry in which she chooses to pursue her own career. By so doing,I am ninety-nine percent sure that she will get more fans and gain her lost credibility both from her fans and non fans.
    Before I conclude,I am apologize for any harsh word or phrase in my comment.

  2. The so-called Hausa film makers,the obviously derailed from Hausa or Northern Nigeria’s culture.they turn indian film into Hausa film.The entire Hausa actors/actress,Directors and producer need to be properly enlighted on film making.let them know that, they are telling the world, the culture of Hausawa,if the reflect lies they cheat Hausa culture.Film should not be taken as money oriented.secondly the protogonist,should be well enlighted as they are the role model of kannywood.


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