Kannywood Places Ban On Actress, Rahma Sadau


An actress in the Hausa film industry fondly called Kannywood, Rahma Sadau, has been suspended from acting.
Her ban from the industry was announced by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN).
The body came heavy on her for publicly claiming she was stopped from acting in an Adam A Zango’s movie ‘Duniya Makaranta’, after rejecting his alleged love advances.
MOPPAN’s Executive Secretary, Malam Dahiru Ahmad Beli, who made the announcement, warned that the board will not censor any movie featuring the suspended actress. He explained that the decision to ban Rahma was taken at a stakeholders’ meeting held on April 23, 2015.


  1. In every constituted association there are ethics and cultures binding the progress and standards of operation. I have been following the conflict between these two reknown hausa movie players and always sadden with the way things turn to be. Adam A Zango is a senior collegue to Rahma and he and others like him have laboured hard to bring the industry to where it is today. The suspension is a welcome idea and it shows the commitment of the governing body in sanitising the industry. Kudus

  2. why all these rubbish on our star? please you people should consider her and create another means of reconciliation but suspension is too harsh, besides dijangala, rahma is among the best so please don’t ruin her career at this early stage when she is fast growing, please. we love zillaziyya.

  3. You should have investigated and made the outcome public before slamming her her this punishment. It is common knowledge that ladies are usually subjected to such abuses before they are given roles. I stand by her.

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