Kebbi: Indigenes lament fading opposition


By Haruna Aliyu Usman

Naturally every human being has his short-comings or sometimes allows his personal interest to overtake public interest which jeopardises government policies in governance and democracy.  This is where opposition is important; it goes on to mount pressure on the government to shift from his interest to public or official interest.

Governance is a Herculean Task therefore along the way lapses could be traced or things done intentionally to please certain groups loyal to the government of the day without opposition such will go on and can lead to diversion of public funds to self enrichment.

DESERT HERALD weekly sampled reactions from people on the expectations of a new government and the resultant effect of killing opposition.
Usman Aliyu from Birnin Kebbi, Shiyar Sarkuna said “Senator Bagudu may meet empty treasury and a backlog of liabilities. Usman stated that Lawali Dan Attos former Accountant General of the state and the Governor’s cronies dipped their hand in public coffers through highly inflated contract figures. He added that those with much expectation should allow Bagudu government some time to clean Nasamu’s mess, even as he described Nasamu Government as Fulani government where all important posts were given to his kith and kin.
Usman pointed out that Nasamu government is owing both local and foreign contractors money running into billions, reiterating that even the Bello Way contract he awarded now should have been awarded long before now.

Engineer Abdullahi Umar Faruk Muslim, Maji kiran Gwandu and member elect federal House of Representatives under APC, told DESERT  HERALD that  “Atiku will focus on re-positioning things in the state.  Engineer Muslim stated that education, Agriculture, Health, Civil service and Youths empowerment top his agenda, adding that already large sum of monies were spent on those sectors, but what is visible were structures without equipments especially in hospitals and Schools, therefore a reboots policy will be evolved by Atiku government to re-direct efforts where desirable.

Mustapha Haruna also from Birnin Kebbi, a staunch PDP member said “We will remain in our party for the next four years, adding that opposition is healthy therefore it must continue. “If we allow it to die we are killing democracy and at the  same  time allowing for a one sided government which, according to him, spells doom to  the state and the country at large. He called on those still in PDP to remain patient.
In a similar reaction, Zaki Labbo says “I am  on the opposition side, I’m not a politician but I love it because it is good for the state.” He added that his suggestion to General Bello Sarkin Yaki, on the rumour that the General intends to seek redress in an election tribunal is that he should capitalize on Atiku’s lapses in government to mount pressure using the press, and also improve welfare of people even from the APC.

According to many whose names are withheld, they were not happy with the rampant defection. They opposed the idea saying opposition must be very solid and continuous for democracy to thrive anywhere in the world, adding that Barrack Obama of United States of America came from opposition and won and so why the mentality of defection?

Public comments have it that much is expected from Atiku Bagudu because of the love and support he got from Kebbi indigenes during the polls, adding that Kebbi is dry and only a privileged few are happy therefore he should keep to his campaign promises by improving on areas like the civil service, jobs creation, education, Health and other areas neglected by Nasamu’s government.
Alhaji Shehu Tazark is a member General Bello technical committee. His wards: “I remain in PDP because it is my choice and I’m surprised some people defeated to APC. One thing is clear though that those are not true politicians.” On whether Sarkin Yaki will go to tribunal, Shehu said it is not him but the PDP and it had gone to court to challenge what was done to them which is not right. Shehu confirmed that victory is theirs at the Court because their claims are concrete.

Alhaji Abubakar Noma called on Atiku to tolerate the opposition in the state, saying it will help him govern the state well. Noma added that he is optimistic that people of Kebbi will not regret their votes. ”Our government will be open to all people of sound minds that can proffer suggestions on how to move the state forward. He thanked voters for their patience during the elections.


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