‘Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts’. -Dan Gable Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso seems the answer to the hurdles that held Kano back. Stated explicitly, he is a great man, a visionary leader with a focus that is both amazing and result oriented; somebody who did not wait for destiny to make him great. He has put in sweat, hardwork, dedication and plans to receive his accolades, his gold medals. He worked tirelessly so that his name would be praised. And he has guts, nobody can deny him that. He is a perfect example of what greatness people can achieve, provided the will is there.
We call it destiny when something happens that we’ll rather it occurred differently, when events take a free reign. Example, it is destiny that places men a degree above women, a degree of responsibility not superiority. As far as I am concerned, destiny is an occurrence that one has no control over. But so many an action could transform destiny, positively.
I remember a time during our secondary school days when the issue of destiny and predestination was discussed in the class, from different beliefs and perceptions. In Islam, destiny, we were told, is a predetermined course of events, considered to be beyond human control and that one’s destiny is predetermined from the moment a fetus is four months old within the mother’s womb. Armenians believed destiny as being biblical and true, that God had intended some persons for heaven and others for hell, based on deeds.
The issue of destiny and predestination back then raised so much interest, and now when I lie back and turn things over in my mind, I think of destiny and how it touches a life, elevates and destroys, bring changes to a man, a society, with nobody powerful enough to stop it or dictate recourse.
We could misunderstand destiny and all it stands for back as children, but so do a lot other people who are adults, blessed with a faculty to think and make rational decisions, to plan and act for the best outcomes, yet they blame destiny for not being fair to them because they do not exhibit greater potentials, for failing to make them as great as they wanted.
A person who is prepared to make it has to create an opportunity or avenue, work to make it tangible and then leave the rest for destiny to take care of. Just like Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State. He is truly great, in the true meaning of the word, and is working tirelessly to put on structures, empower youth and women, revive education and so many other things he has accomplished to make himself greater still.
Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was born great because of his royal lineage, and still worked to achieve greater heights, cross limits that were unbelievable. Yet he achieved them all the same. This is pronounced by the charisma he exudes wherever he goes and the transformation of Kano from his return in May 2011. The records are there for all discerning minds to see.
For a long time I have admired His Excellency Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso via the media and applauded his courage and guts. Then a chance came to meet him in person, this political czar whose performance and hardwork is unprecedented in the history of Kano politics, who have made the seemingly impossible attainable. All of a sudden, yours truly became VIP, mingling with the SSG, Commissioners’ and the great Kwankwaso himself. It was to submit a report we have compiled on ways to move Kano forward by patriotic Kanawa, and I am one of them. The meeting was arranged by the Secretary to Kano State Government, Alhaji Rabiu Suleiman Bichi, and before we know it, we are at the Lion’s den, to meet with the Governor and present our report. It was quite an experience.
On meeting His Excellency, we were besotted by his receptiveness and his ability to deliver serious messages laced with a sense of humor. He is truly great, and has threaded paths and routes that weren’t really comfortable to be what he is today: the Kwankwaso of Kano whose name should be written in gold for his achievement and patriotism, for prudence and fair play, for being the Governor of the Talakawa.
Like or hate Kwankwaso, one thing everybody has identified him with is he is a man of his words. He made lofty promises that seemed impossible when he was campaigning for the seat of power. True to his words, he has fulfilled those promises and gone an extra mile to do what he has not even promised.
Obviously, Gov Kwankwaso has laid the foundation for yet greater things to come to Kano. This is reflected in his 2013 Budget of Economic Consolidation and Fiscal Discipline where infrastructure got the lion’s share followed by works and housing under which various projects like urban road construction and dualization will be commenced, in addition to completion of some inherited road projects, construction of two flyovers, construction and channelization of Kwarin Gogau to Jakara road as well as take off of independent power plants at Tiga and Challawa Goje Dams.
Education followed on Kano State Government’s list of priority, then agriculture- two areas that require attention. This is happening at a time when other states are allocating a greater percentage in recurrent expenditure, at a time when even the central Government could not boost of such patriotism as to invest in nation building as against the current trend- the expectation is investment in recurrent expenditure is money down the drain.
For these and several other reasons Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is making waves and leaving no stone unturned, all in the bid to make Kano better. His commitment puts him at an enviable position above contemporaries and colleagues. Kano is proud that it produces one outstanding personality, who when given the chance could take Nigeria out of its many woes.
This piece is a celebration of leadership at its transparent best, for service delivery and excellence, for concern and a will to make Kano what it should be, a great city in all circles of the greats. We are giving this great leader a standing ovation, a clap and cheer for a job well done.
We are proud of you and thankful that we could call you our own. Above all, we are celebrating a Kano giant, a Kano great, a leader with guts and focus. This I hope will be one among your many gold medals because you truly deserve them.

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