Lamido’s Sponsored Radio Broadcast: Text of a Press Conference by the APCPCO Sunday 15th March 2015


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the press.
Let me welcome you to this press briefing on a Sunday, which ordinarily is a day we should be worshipping or resting.

We just got information that all FRCN stations have been directed to link up for a live interview to be granted by Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State about now. The contents of the interview as agreed with Vice President Namadi Sambo and President Jonathan are to essentially damage General Muhammadu Buhari along the following lines:

1.        GMB will be a figurehead while Osinbajo will be the de facto president. He will give examples of GMB’s leadership style mentioning Idiagbon (COS-SHQ) and Salihijo (PTF).

2.        This situation he will claim is unfair to the North as the South-West will be indirectly getting another term of office as president in addition to the Obasanjo years, so Northerners should not be deceived into voting APC.

A few things we will like to point out to Governor Lamido’s audience members include:
(1) Lamido had been pressured to do the interview because of the EFCC pressure on his sons’ corruption charges.
(2) Lamido has never worked near or with GMB to know his leadership style. Those working closely with him in the APC know otherwise.
(3) When did Lamido become a spokesman for the North?
(4) What did he and other Jonathan apologists negotiate for the North as the SW has been doing with Jonathan in the last two weeks?
(5) Of the millions of the US Dollars that Mr. Jonathan has allegedly been sharing to traditional and religious leaders in the South-West, how much of it did Lamido negotiate and obtain on behalf of the Northern traditional and religious leaders?
(6) As a self appointed Northern interest spokesman, what is his response to the pejorative references made by Mrs. Patience Jonathan about Northerners?
Thank you for listening.
Mallam Garba Shehu
15 March, 2015


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