N2.5b Saga: As pressure mounts, DSS released Aisha Buhari’s ADC ….As insiders said another aide, Adda Mata was also previously arrested


When it has become apparent that Aisha Buhari’s press release has only succeeded in creating more controversy about her claim against her ADC, Sani Baba-Inna and that any further attempt to incarcerate the ADC will only result to more revelations and the questions that are being asked as to how the First Lady know that such amount was actually collected on her behalf which also suggest that such practice has been going on for long, the State Security Service (SSS) has released the detained Aide De Camp (ADC) to Hajia Aisha, his brother has said.

It was earlier reported that the ADC, Sani Baba-Inna, was arrested last Friday on allegations of fraud against Mrs Buhari.
Although her statement has failed to give any evidence, Mrs Buhari said Mr Baba-Inna collected cash gifts totalling N2.5 billion from politicians and business men over three years but kept it to himself. How he collected the total sum, from those he allegedly collected the money from was not stated by the first lady. Insiders wondered why an allegation involving such huge sum can be made without substantiating it with prove that will enable investigators to confirm his culpability or otherwise. They said the first lady is certainly hiding something from Nigerians and that certainly and for being a closed insider that presumably knows so much, Mr. Baba-Inna might have become a threat that must be disposed of or be blackmail into perpetual silence, hence his arrest.

Pundits also lamented to DESERT HERALD why Mrs Buhari was not satisfied with the police investigation and had to used her powers to involve the DSS in a saga that is within the powers and capacity of the Police to sufficiently handle. They said the public will certainly know so much if Mr. Baba-Inna will agree to talk.

A credible presidency insider and another official of the DSS also confided in DESERT HERALD that on the suspicion of stealing some dollars allegedly belonging to the first lady, another powerful woman they simply referred to Adda Mata who happen to be the most closest person to Mrs Buhari, was also arrested some months back. But Adda Mata was reportedly released by the DSS within hours of her arrest when she reportedly called the first lady and threatened her. Adda Mata is reportedly the power behind the first lady and had been seen severally in pictures with President Buhari and Aisha. Even during official occasions within and outside the country that involves either the first lady or the first family including President Buhari, Adda Mata is always conspicuous demonstrating her power and enormous influence.

Before the emergence of President Buhari according to credible insiders, Adda Mata is a brocade seller in Kaduna and can hardly afford to maintain her house but DESERT HERALD was shown several properties in Abuja, Kaduna and Jimeta with their pictures that were said to be amongst her several worth today.



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