If I may ask, why those saddled with the responsibility to safeguard the security of the nation more often than not indulge in costly gaffes? In other word, why would they be imperiling our lives by means of their loquacious tendencies and talking absent mindedly on security matters that seem to be above their capacity to decipher and unravel?
Take for instance, recent unfortunate speech by a supposed security expert and National Security Adviser, General Owoye Azazi, which generated so much media hype and unnecessary overheats the polity thereby causing further tensions and trepidations in the land.
Indeed, security matters need not be exposed in the market square for obvious reason. But whether it was deliberately done out of mischief or not; whatever might be the reason, that statement was done in bad taste. Fortunately or unfortunately however, Nigerians now graphically understand the pedestrian mindsets controlling the nation’s security apparatus.
ecall, the promise made by the former Inspector General of Police-Hafiz Ringim, during the unveiling of Amour Personnel Carriers (APCs)donated to the police by Borno State Government sometimes last year that the days of BH are numbered. What was the result of that gaffe? The force headquarters of all places was bombed in the first suicide attacks in record history in Nigeria!
In the same vein, around December 2011, the minister of defence stated that the activities of BH have been effectively restricted to the Southeast, only for the BH elements to carry out an unprecedented and well coordinated bombing of Kano on January 20th, 2012, in practical answer to that security lacuna which has since become unfortunately the new way of life for average Kano citizens. But prior to that, Kano was cool and peaceful. How sad!
Similarly, the president Mr. Ebele Jonathan promised that, by July 2012, the federal government will be on top of the security situation in the country, and BH will be history. As if that was what the elements wanted, the nation was yet again devastated with twin bombings of Thisday newspapers offices  in Abuja and Kaduna, followed by  Sunday Christmas massacre of innocent Christians at BUK old campus.
So, being the nation’s security handlers, I wonder why such spurious claims, which always ends up escalating the crises further, thus subjecting us to more and more danger. Is it to let us know that we are as surely safe when in actual fact we are not?  So far, all the assertions at being on top of the security situations are no more than tales by moonlight as far as majority of traumatized Nigerians are concerned!
Therefore since all policy statements by leaders with regards to the current security quagmire in the country are being considered by the BH elements as a challenge that must be proved otherwise, it’s in the best interest of Nigeria avoiding unguarded utterances on all security matters regarding BH in the open. Let decorum and circumspection be the new mantra an dour watch-word. Let all security plans and strategies be kept in a water-tight closure or within security’s tightly controlled group, to avoid imperiling our dejected lives further!

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