After over seventeen years of extensive military engagement backed by the most sophisticated technology, military, intelligence and equipments the world can boast of, the United States have finally accepted the bitter reality that perhaps no matter how long it will take, it will be difficult if not impossible to succeed in eliminating completely an enemy you hardly see, an enemy that is always willing and happy to give his life for a misguided Jihad. After recording so much casualties on both sides and spending billions of dollars of US tax payers money, the United States intelligence community are almost unanimous in their conclusion that it is perhaps a lot easier for the head of a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for it to succeed in complete defeat and elimination of the Taliban, more difficult is to destroy their misguided ideology. It is the same United States that boasted during the infamous era of Goerge W. Bush Jnr of its resolved to eliminate the Taliban and their ideology within the shortest possible time that today and after 17 years of wastages initiated a truce that will end nearly two decades of war.
Today, and on the instruction of the United States, Doha is facilitating the process that will end the terrorist activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan through the same peaceful process that US rejected many years ago. A draft agreement to end the conflict in Afghanistan which will ultimately reduce so much pressure and financial burden on the part of the US has finally been signed between the United States envoy and Taliban officials with Dosa supervising the mediation talks.
There is therefore a lot for Nigeria, a country lacking in military sophistication, adequate funding, with poor intelligence, low morale and allegations of massive corruption of defense budgets to learn from the decision of the US to initiate a process of talks and mediation with the Taliban to end the war they couldn’t end through superior military firepower.
If the US experienced in Afghanistan is anything to go by, it is very clear that FG’s efforts in the fight against the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists which are characterized by corruption at the highest level and ageing equipments, will just be a drop in the ocean and may never succeed in eliminating the B’Haram terrorists especially if recent happenings and bold attacks on military formations in the North East are anything to go by.
A process of constructive dialogue and reconciliation with BH must be initiated as a means of ensuring an easy end to the B’Haram security imbroglio. This will save the nation several billions of naira that are being wasted without commensurate results, it will save more lives and will put an end to the massive corruption being perpetrated with funds meant for the fight against B’Haram. If the US could not succeed, DESERT HERALD believes Nigeria is only wasting it’s time and resources. That is why the initial promised of President Buhari to end the terror activities of BH within one year and despite his inuagural speech directing Service Chiefs to relocate to the North East (which was complied only briefly) did not succeed in eliminating them nearly four years after. DH believes that with the current approach, Nigeria may spend 17+17+17 years (thrice more than the years spent by the world’s super power in Afghanistan) without ending the B’Haram bold resolved to inflict maximum damage to the Nigeria State. It’s a time for a change of approach since for 10 years now, and Government after Government, B’Haram are still active and far from being defeated.


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