NIGERIA UNDER PDP, a woeful Failure – Political Pundits


BY: Ifeanyi Chukwu Nwannah

When democracy came to stay on May 29th 1999, Nigerians were relieved
that they were ready to reap bounteously read the dividends of
democracy but it is now clear that after about sixteen years of civil
government piloted by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), it is not
yet uhuru. The state of the nation’s affairs is going from bad to
worst, unimaginable state of affairs.
Despite the anxiety generated by the Boko Haram insurgence in the
North Central, the aftermath of chibok girls abduction and how the
federal government ignored the U.S intelligence report, there is still
no resolution in sight. But President Good Luck Jonathan continue to
tell Nigerians that his government is near somewhere, pointing out
that he has been dealing with some of the fundamental issues.
The Peoples Democratic Party has piloted the affairs of the nation in
the last sixteen years with series of problems that has bedeviled the
country since then. In 1999 when PDP took over the reign of power from
the military under the leadership of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who
declared his intension to fight corruption and all the ills militating
against the progress of the country as a united, peaceful and
prosperous entity called Nigeria.
President Olusegun Obasanjo was then believed to be the economic
messiah the people have been waiting for to salvage the economic
problems of Nigeria but his coming was full of crises, corruption and
contradictions that tended to hinder the desired progress of the
nation. The anti-corruption grandiloquence of his government was to
avail the PDP government of an institutional platform to the
embarrassment of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)
and ICPC. Yet the PDP leaders claim that the party was formed on the
promise of a great national purpose. But by their actions and record,
the political party has degenerated into a political cult. The
darkness occasioned by the leadership is not yet over.
Democracy under the leadership of PDP has remained the worst form of
government in the history of Nigeria. The essence of democracy has
been defeated, it is now to enrich one’s self through public funds. It
is clear that ninety-nine percent of the wealthy Nigerians today made
their money directly or indirectly from the government coffers either
through the inflation of contracts sum, embezzlement of public funds
and corruption of all sort.
Yet the PDP led government knows this very well but refused to address
the issues to free Nigerians from the hullabaloo of the mess
especially the economic woes. Recently, the Minister of Petroleum
Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison Madueke was made the OPEC President,
and the PDP led government wants Nigerians to celebrate her and her
stolen riches. This is a woman and one of the untouchable ministers in
Jonathan’s government who has been indicted by various committees of
the presidency and the National Assembly on various financial scams
and even direct stealing. She was reported to have refused to appear
before any of the committees, is it not irrediculous then for
Nigerians to celebrate such people who kept them in economic darkness?
Is it not making the rich be richer and the poor poorer?
From all indications, there are series of crises and corrupt practices
which have already manifested clearly on the nation ranging from
insecurity situation, economic mismanagement etc.
Nigerians are being led by a government that has criminalized the
entire system. The style of democracy being practiced by the PDP is
being sustained on unconstitutionality, anarchy and day light
embezzlement of the public funds against the express wordings of 1999
constitution of Nigeria yet the PDP led government which is popularly
known as the government full of criminal bystanders at frauds all
times, a government of few.
The criminal bystanders still want to come back to power to devour
what they left. But the All Progressive Congress (APC) is blocking all
avenues to prevent the PDP from retaining power. It seems that this
time around, PDP may not find it very easy but the party leaders are
not ready to take chances as they still want to remain relevant.
But if this continues, one foresees a great danger to this anticipated
2015 general elections because even though APC wins the Presidential
election, PDP is not ready to hand over to the new winners and APC
will not want PDP to continue messing up with power hence there must
be anarchy. Already the APC leaders have warned that if they win and
they were not given, they are not ready to go to the court of law but
prefer to form a parallel government in the country. And no country
has survived having two central governments in one country.

To political analysts, Jonathan’s government seems to be the most
corrupt regime  since Nigeria’s independence. The vaulting ambition of
those who occupy his government and of cause Mr. President himself is
to retain Presidential powers in 2015 even though against popular wish
and this tends to invite blur and chaos on the democracy we claim to
aspire. That is his madness for power which is appropriating every
thing to his favour. That gains is interpreting the rule of law to be
synonymous with the rule of PDP.
Having completed sixteen years tenure that would elapse on May 29th
2015, the Peoples Democratic Party led government has criminalized the
whole system and made corruption legitimate. The most incompetent,
most corrupt government ever. The anarchic security situation, the
collapse infrastructures, collapsed power sector, collapsed economic
set up through corruption which had to start from the top echelon of
the society, to breach the constitution which has becomes so easy and
common because of the system of the government.
But this is not how former President of America, John Kennedy talked
about democracy. He insisted that democracy is never a final
achievement, it is a call to untiring effort to continual scarifies
and to the willingness if necessary to die on the defensive. But that
is not the vision of PDP leaders for Nigeria to be a nation devoured
of monumental corruption.
The PDP government may claim that it has in a way performed to some
great extent but then the magnitude of the problems facing Nigeria
today ranging from insecurity, corruption and many more have swallowed
what they claimed to be positive achievements of the government. The
opening of the economy to private investors which saw their coming to
set up businesses in the country during former President Olusegun
Obasanjo’s regime has since been closed following the uncontrollable
insecurity situation during Jonathan’s unfortunate regime.
This was achieved by Chief Obasanjo through the provision of desired
social amenities, conducive atmosphere and political will of his
government. The PDP led government has various short comings, yet they
cannot manage the situation from getting out of hand.
It is imperative to note that the PDP led government has not
wonderfully  sustained democracy in the country. The government has
not met with the yearnings and aspiration of the people. There are
associated lapses that have eaten deep into every system. It can be
argued that Nigerians have not been given a fair deal in the scheme of
things especially on matters of security which has denied the country
the development of Nigeria’s economy and society in general.
Many political analysts have said that for the nation to catch up with
the rest of the world, the leadership of the country has to be changed
since the PDP could not mould the country into one political entity.
Many problems have swallowed the peaceful co-existence of the nation
coupled with the monumental corruption in the PDP led government. The
government has failed to give deserving attention to the need of
Nigerians to protect it from total collapsed and disintegration.
The President is attributing the economic woes of the country to the
short falls on international oil market price. Even though a barrel of
oil is being sold at 60 U.S Dollars, Nigeria still sells at N97 per
litre claiming it is still subsidizing oil. Where is the subsidy?
The missing billions from the public coffers is enough to revive the
economy if the money siphoned from public funds are recovered. The
President has confessed that his administration has two serious
challenges, one he said is monumental corruption and the other is the
But the President lacks the courage to deal with these problems. How
many of his subordinates have been sacked as a result of corruption;
how many years is he going to spend on throne before he can tackle
these problems he has not tackled for six years he has been there? He
has failed woefully and has no excuse.
President Jonathan should know or ought to know that engaging in
sophistry over twin evil of corruption and insecurity is the first
step he should have taken before blaming his administration. He should
know better that no government succeeds any where in the world with
corruption and insecurity which have become a password in Jonathan’s
administration which even if he is allowed to spend 100 years in Aso
Rock may not put the problem to an end.
If the PDP government has been concentrated on restoring uninterrupted
power supply in the country with the billions of naira wasted in
establishing unproductive antic raft commissions and agencies,
commerce would have been booming every where as power is the life wire
of every economic growth.
The religious leaders under the aegis of Southern Kaduna Christian
Leaders Council  (SKCLC) led by the catholic bishop of Kafanchan
Diocese, Bishop Joseph Danlami Bagobiri has said it is very imperative
for Nigerians to vote credibility and not party. He has sworn to
mobilize catholic faithful to vote only for credible and competent
candidates that can address the fundamental issues on ground.
He noted that this is not the time to tolerate any political slogan,
political posters, political money bags but real contenders and not
pretenders, adding that credibility is the quest for socio political
and economic emancipation.

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