Nigeria’s Politics of self interest


Politics has been defined as the activities involved in getting and using power in public life and being able to influence decisions that affect a country or society.

Informal politics has been in existence from time of yore; it’s very popular (prefix less) antithesis, formal politics, presumably, came with civilization. The history of politics is composite with more negative than there are positive contemporary politics has witnessed a lot of impetuous and ignominious exertions by its practitioners (the politicians) who are resolved to get (and make catachresis of) power in public life, influencing decision that only end up leaving the masses in penury, dolor and indigence.

Neoteric, especially in developing societies, has witnessed a litany of assassinations, hate campaigns, abominable violence, disruption of law and order, misuse or abuse of power and office, corruption of despicable proportion, mismanagement of resources, just to mention but a few. The hoi polloi are always left to take the brunt of these brazen activities of the desperate politicians.

I hate politics because, first, it seems, practicing it in this with it times, requires one to do away with candors most, if not all of the time. This, I waver, I can cave into.

Secondly, the desperate politicians has come to see politics as a do or die affair and as such can go to any length to eliminate any perceived threat to his political ambition or survival. This disposition has led to series of motivated killings, mischief propaganda, electoral riggings, arsonist attacks brigandage, scandal mongering etcetera. Politics is something I pray I don’t lose my dear life and reputation for.

Thirdly, politics has resulted, most frequently, in religious ethnic and regional disharmony; it has also seen irreconcilable differences among (once peaceful) people and settlements. Politics has resulted to indiscriminate loss of invaluable lives, valuable lives and properties. Politics has brought about contemptible thuggery, coercion and banditry.

With the above, disgusting associations with politics as my aide-me moiré, I always come free of apologists of politics who try to convince me in to this dirty game. I tell them frankly, tome, politics is a no and never.

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