There has disquiet about the true origin of Vice President Namadi Sambo. He has been rumoured not to be from Kaduna State after all. While some claim that his father hailed from Bauchi State, others said he came from Edo State, but settled in Zaria where he married his mother.

The speculation that VP Namadi’s root is from Edo State or thereabouts appears to be a firmly held conviction in many quarters of Kaduna State.

Others have gone further to insinuate that the name Namadi appears a deliberate contraption, an attempt at the hausanization of the name Nnamdi, an Igbo name, which might have been his original name from birth.

But in this interview, Vice President Sambo clarified the issue insisting that he is a true Northern born with roots in Zaria, Kaduna State. Excerpt:

Unlike past Vice Presidents whose origins are well known, there are allegations and complaints over your origin not being from Zaria. Can we have your geneology?

I am from Zaria in Kaduna State of Nigeria.

Why has your origin been shrouded in secrecy?

I am not aware of my origin being shrouded in any secrecy. I have a large family that is well known.

Where exactly is your family homestead?

In Zaria. The land where ABU is located belongs to my great grand parents.

At your time, most children from an Islamic background attended Local Education Authority (LEA) Schools. Why did you attend Baptist Primary School, Kakuri, Kaduna a mission school?

The Baptist Primary School was close to our residence, as a child and at that period, religion did not play any significant role in the choice of schools to attend. Muslim children go to Christian schools and Christian children attend Muslim schools.

We heard you were nicknamed “Escape” after an alleged ordeal with death. How true is the story that you were once taken to the morgue after collapsing/fainting during some night-out while still in the University?

That is not correct. The nickname “Escape” was acquired during my secondary school days, because then I was a day student and I won all the prizes in all subjects after our annual promotion examinations.

It was a common occurrence at that period that we give ourselves nicknames just for the likeness of such nicknames, such as Bronco, Marcopolo etc. The only time I went to hospital during my University period was on the occasion of my having a car accident when I was driving my newly acquired sports car, a fiat 124, while driving from Kaduna to Zaria at the bridge at Rigachukun.

Has your name Namadi any connotation or linkage with the name “Nnamdi” Azikiwe?

No. No relationship. In the Hausa community if you are born on a “Sallah day” after Ramadan you are given the name Namadi, meaning that you belong to the Holy City of Madina. I was born on “Sallah” day which Muslims consider an important holy and good luck day. I am therefore always thankful to Almighty Allah for delivering me to the world on a “Goodluck day.”

What is your link with Bauchi State?

I attended Kobi Primary School, an LEA Primary School, in Bauchi to complete my Primary School Education as my parents were transferred to Bauchi. I was also employed by the Bauchi State Government when it was created in 1976. I was the first Architect of the State.

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  1. Zaki Baban Hantsi says:

    I wonder the purpose of this interview. Sambo is a Nigerian, and a very nice man, period. He should be appreciated not scrutinized for irrelevant identity.


    Kai ! Namadi I think there is elements of truths in that speculation that you are not Originally from KADUNA

    • hassanah says:


  3. umar elfarouk says:

    whao! I luv ur newspaper.

  4. Surajmcc02 says:

    no comment

  5. Hussain Sa'eed says:

    Whether he is from Enugu, Ekwere, Bauchi or any where he’s a Nigerian, there’s no zoning in PDP, Let goodluck remove those so-called northerners they are of no use to us, they are nepotist they only know their wives and in-laws.

  6. Anas Ibrahim says:

    wat eva it is u are stil the vice president…and pls sir we xpect more from yhu in xaria

  7. aminu dalhatu yahaya says:

    Since before you become the executive Gov. of kaduna state this issue is speculating.

  8. Shamsuddeen Abubakar says:

    This is one of the main problem we’re facing in Nigeria.Whether vp is from north or south is not our concern as far as he’s muslim.What I just want him to remember is he’s going to meet Almighty Allah and he must answer questions about what he has done for his people both muslims and non muslims.So I command him to fear Allah in all his affairs.

  9. Ali Sadiq says:

    why do u like to disgrace our most dignitary of the north simply because God lifted him to where we want,so relax as he will reach where you dont want insha Allah.

  10. isa ahmed says:

    Let us be careful not to make distinction between indigene and settler,except if you want to prove jang right.

  11. Muhammad Auwal says:

    Truelly Muslim that is the only thing we know.

  12. Ai tsintaccen Mage bata Mage.

  13. I think people should appreciate the beauty of democracy, those that felt knowing the origin of NAMADI SAMBO as the VP of NIGERIA is irrelevant, are as a matter of fact, not sincere, myopic and egocentric. Its only in democracy that everyone is allowed to exercises his foundamental human rights. Even in Advance democracies like the one in USA, things like this usually occur. When the present PRESIDENT of AMERICA declares his intention to contest for the seat, there were speculations that he was not a citizen of AMERICA, some print media address him as AFRICAN AMERICAN, even after he has proven to the world that he is an AMERICAN by all status. At one point, he had to post his C of B on the net for everyone to see. Besides, the reporters that took their time to conduct this interview, must have heard the speculations before setting out to conduct the interview. And that is what they are paid to do as journalist.

  14. Oh yes people may did that speculation about VP.But what ever maybe the case is becouse of this position that Allah give him that is why all this are coming..I hate PDP party and their member’s..But the VP.he is a Nigerian and we have agreed on that like us so to me we better challeng him to work for the better Nigeria than talking about his origin..This origin issued is the big challeng that killng Northe part of Nigeria especially in Jos–Plateau state.To me late us be united as one nation one destiny what Nigerian’s need the most is the good leader’s who will lead us to the best not your origin or your tribe or your religion or which part of Nigerian you come form…I am a Hausa/Fulani from the Northern part we Northern we can accept anybody without consider his tribe or religion and his state if he will becoming and honest and trutsworth leader we will accpet him that is why During late M.K.O election his majority vote come from North even OBJ thesame thing even current Jonathan/Sambo All their vote come from North…But our problem in this country is our Politician must of them are not Allah fearing people..May the almighty Allah bring permanet peace in our country and reunited us as one blood family for us to understand that we all are Nigerian only..Allah bleesed Nigeria and Nigerian’s.Ameen

  15. Ibrahim Mati says:

    Namadi is a Nigerian and the VP slot is meant for Nigerians. To me state of origin doesn’t matter, afterall we are practising federalism!

  16. amin says:

    your news paper should be a daily and should have correspondents nationally. you need to work harder so that the voices from Muslims and northern Nigeria will be heard. the media war against the north and by extension Islam is a herculean one. Namadi’s identity is not an issue now

  17. Aliyu s yaro says:

    Thank you very much for given example with my mentor, a hero, the champion of the champions i.e BRANCO

  18. yakubu abbas says:

    I wonder y d v.p. granted dis interview bcs if not 4 ignorance, once a citizen stays n a locality 4 up 2 10 years, he’s automatically an indigene of dt locality. It is dis same virus dt is troubling most of d northern states like plateau. Allah has created us into sexes, tribes, nations etc 4 recognition alone & d most important of this who is most pious, sincere, articulate, focused etc. Lets address better issues dt affect us as a nation rather dan tribal nonsensity, thank u.

  19. U A Mohammad says:

    The important thing to ask VP is not his state of origin but what is the commitment of their administration towards security, education, health and so on. Coz this is what he is going to account on the day of judgement.

  20. N.N. wukari says:


  21. Aliyu says:

    People are always concern about the private of their leaders. what is so good about his origin, he is a Nigerian he is a Nigerian that is all.

  22. musa says:

    On my opinion , for those that critecise the critics should also be critecise,for every human being that exist came from a particular mother and father, hometown or village, i sees no wrong for the authenticity of any body .so if that happen to the v.p nothing is wrong, its even better to know the person your together with.But the truth of the matter is that he has being the governor of kaduna state without any archievement to show only help in cirforning the little resource we have , he’s not a good leader rather a ruler. never mined MR V.P. sooner or later you will account for in our presence all the our resource under your care on the day of judgement.

  23. musa says:

    Go and tell jang and co.

  24. Ado says:

    am not holding brief for our leafers, but the impression we normally form is all our leaders are bad or thieves or both, without substantiating our assertion. that alone is sinfull. granted the leaders most often then not are the cause, for shortly after their “electoral” victory. they change their life style. riding bigger cars, driving in convoy, living in mansions and spending exceptionally well. but that does not ipso facto suggests that one is a public treasury looter. let us collectively pray for them to change so that we can all be better of

  25. yaura gyang says:

    APC died in Arrival, going by what M.Buhari said that only death will stop him from contesting 2015, when his party is going for merger that shows that the merger is not on his favour. south south is giant of Nigerian their is nothing they will ask for that they cannot get, so i advice any person to endure after they have finish their own turn then floor will be open to any all. Babangida aliyu said there is agreement for Jonathan to go for just one term, but Aliyu have refuse to tell Nigerians why they could not stop the bombing after the Agreement if it is true.

  26. Musa Ja'afar says:

    Northerners are soon coming back to power!u southerners shall remain supportive for your continual peace nd stability. Vote 4 Namadi sambo 2015

  27. We are from Zaria nd namadi sambo is from us.Proudly zarian nd proudly ecstatic for the emanation of vice president from us!.May Allah take our brother Namadi sambo to the presidential chair!.Good people of Nigeria shall please say Ameen.

  28. Abdulmumeen O.Bichi says:

    As far as we are concern the Vice President Muhd Namadi Sambo is a Northerner,is Muslim and a full pledge Nigerian with the Nigeria at heart.No amount oof human pressure can force us to deny him as our relative and a brother.May good bless him,bless us,bless the northern region and also bless Nigeria as a whole.

  29. Shehu Usman says:

    The VPs place of origin is not important. Wht is important to Nigerians is his ability to impact positively on Nigerians and contribute in formulating policies that would raise the living standards of all Nigerians. Period. Enough of this parochial and ethnic politics, please.

  30. Alex H says:

    Foolish people even shiek isiaka rabiu is an edo man

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