27th of April 2011 is a day most Kano voters will not forget in a hurry. It’s a day majority of Kano people decided to come out enmass to vote for a leader and initiator of Red Cap Revolution, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, as the seventh democratically elected Governor of Kano State.
It’s a day thousands of registered voters lined-up and waited for their turns in order to cast their votes to a person they believe can bring radical change like what late Malam Aminu Kano of blessed memory did in the 80s.
Our Government House reporter in Kano, Suleiman Ramat, went round corners of Kano to interview people on the impact of the Red Cap Revolution on the lives and socio-economic policy of Kwankwaso administration.
Alhaji Abubakar Ji-Bala was one of the people who believe in the ideology of Kwankwasiyya in Tarauni Local Government. He said that one thing he thank God for with the coming of Kwankwaso and the vote he cast to him is that oppositions are accusing him only because he refuses to give people money freely like before; that is why most politicians that lost out since Kwankwaso takes over the affairs of the state are those that don’t have any work rather than stealing government funds.
Hajiya Talatu, a PDP woman politician in Gwale, said “we thank God the vote we cast last year is not a waste. See how Kwankwaso is changing the face of Kano, within one year our educational institutions have no rivals, another university is in the pipeline, more vocational training institutions are established in order to train the youth to be self reliant. I don’t have any regrets over my vote”.
With his coming to power, Kwankwaso adopted the ideology of late Malam Aminu Kano, he wears plain white caftan, with a red cap, which is reminiscent of the legend late Malam Aminu Kano, who fought, defended and protected the interest of the down trodden in Kano State uptil his death.
From the very first day he walked into Government House on May 29, 2011 in his capacity as the Executive Governor of the State, Kwankwaso was clad in a simple plain white caftan, with a red cap, symbolizing his determination to protect and defend the interest of the talakawa (masses) in the state.
As he made several promises during his election campaigns to people of Kano in order to reconstruct the state from total collapse, Kwankwaso made it clear that his government is not a government where people will come and share the treasurery and go in the name of peoples’ governor.
In his inaugural speech, Kwankwaso stated: “Indeed, an end has come to the use of worn-out dogmas as an instrument of deceit which for too long have strangled our politics. On the contrary, today ushers in yet the return of our government which would be predicated on the aspirations of the people and the commitment to the transformation of the entirety of their social, economic and political lives.”
Kwankwasiyya Ideology, according to Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso,  is simple and built on the basis of TRUST hence the slogan ‘Kwankwasiyya Amana’, a new political ideology that tactically defeated the  ANPP in Kano.
When contacted for comments, the Director of Communication and Public Strategies to Kano State governor, Baba Aliyu Dantiye, said Red cap has become a symbol to us once you wear it, it means so much to so many people. And the beauty of it is that anybody seen with it looks good, thinks good, and thinks positive, and nobody is looking at the red cap and associating it with anything bad from Malam Aminu Kano to Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. The beauty of it also is that Malam Aminu Kano started it as a revolutionary treatise and now Kwankwaso is practicing it because he was not in government when Malam Aminu Kano was in politics.
He said in addition to radical identity, to honesty, to hardwork to libration, to freedom that are all associated with the red cap in Kano, it also means capital development, the red cap also means human development and not only in terms of saying but in terms of practicing it because whatever he says, he does or he did, that is why you see all this construction, because it was a symbol of honesty and hardwork like he was reported to have said “we are not going to steal and we are not going to allow others to steal, whoever we see trying to steal we will stop it”, Dantiye concluded.
The election of Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso is quite like what happened in Russia between the ‘Red’ (Bolshevik) and ‘White’ (anti-Bolshevik) factions, where ruling persisted for several years under the shadows of lies, with Kwankwasiyya ultimately emerging victorious in Kano, ushering the fall of anointed candidate and the return of hope and aspiration to all citizens of the state.
Now in Kano, a person seen with the red cap is assumed to believe in the new PDP political ideology of Kwankwasiyya even if that person is not a card carrying member of any political party. Such people believe that Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso is the right man to free the state from the autocracy that lasted 8 years under the ANPP administration.
Alhaji Rabiu Suleiman Bichi, Secretary to the State Government, recently during a lecture he delivered at African House on one year of Kwankwasiyya victory in Kano, said “Kwankwasiyya has changed the face of Kano politicians and the people believe in action not empty promises. We have made a lot of impact within the one year of Kwankwaso administration in Kano, we are leading other states; we revolutionize education, as within eight months we have over eight thousand classrooms, we have 18 training institutions, we are establishing a new university, we have reintroduced feeding in our primary schools, we have empowered over 44000 women one thousand each from 44 local government, that is why you hear the opposition in Kano is silent. We defeats them within one year in office for the past 8 years spent in making promises to people that voted them.
“What I believe is even if you don’t wear red cap, many people in Kano are followers of Kwankwasiyya right in their minds.”

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  1. Nasiru says:

    Ur just bias go out and hear the other side opinion of the government and see wonders, was it not the N6million contract that u were given by govt not enought?

  2. Aisha says:

    Which victory? the Govt that has no direction or the anti islamic govt? are you talking about. We will never forgive and forget this govt. ALLAH YA KAWO KARSHEN GWAMNATIN NAN

  3. Kabiru Usaini says:

    We thank ALLAH for making Kwankwaso to be our leader as we are witnessing him fulfilling promises made during campaign.

  4. Sani Kassim says:

    First of all, I thank God almighty 4 bringing kwankwaso administration back after 8 years in order to compleate his remaining 4 years in office and to achieave his goals for new kano state!

  5. Tijjani saad says:

    Masha Allah mudai sesan barka, kekuma aisha intambayeki govt din data bar lalatattu irinku suna yawon bin ofisoshi suna baðala da wadda taki yadda da haka waccece anti islamic govt? Shawarata gareki tunda tabare se aje ayi aure. Allah kataimaki KWANKWASO KASA YAGAMA LAFIYA AMIN

  6. Aisha says:

    Subhanallah Tijjani just hear ur self the Governor that promote Ashararanchi and cannot even speak good anytime his talking ur supporting RUBBISH

  7. Well done mr achiever. Within only 1yr in office u have accomplished what others failed to do in 8yrs. Let’s do more and more to prove that ours differs from others. Kwankwasiyya Amana!

  8. AMINU HASSAN says:

    Haba Aisha, why are you talking like this as if you are not in Kano witnessing trhe red cap revolution? Go out and sample peoples’ opinion about this administration you will see wonders. People are now enlightened and happy because of Kwankwasiyya. The Kwankwasiyya transformation agenda is really working for Kano state. We are hapy to have Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso as our governor. He has really opened our eyes. what Shekarau’s administration looted from our treasury is enough evidence. Shekarau never meant good for Kano and its entire populace. He onbly succeeded in developing and empowering non-indegens like him. so please if you dont have reasonable thinking and ideas about Kwankwasiyya you better go and sit down. Allah yasa Governor Kwankwaso ya gama lafiya.

  9. A very good and fantastic talk more grease to your elbow

  10. An excellent talk more grease to your elbow. We are behind you at any situation my leader.

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