14th September, 2018
CP Ibrahim Magu,
Acting Chairman,
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)



As the 2019 general elections gradually approaches and in line with the mandate of your Commission and the resolve of President Muhammadu Buhari to sanitize the electoral process and overall politicking through ensuring a balance between the income and expenditure of aspirants as well as monitoring contributions, and possible source of such ‘contributions’ if any, I write to formally request your good office to investigate the political activities of a former Director of Treasury of the FCTA and a gubernatorial aspirant in my state, Yobe State – Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi.

I have a lot of reasons that hinges on corruption, self-aggrandizement and threats to the security of our state to ask for this investigation. These and more compelled me to write to your Commission seeking for investigation on this individual for obvious basis. The followings are part of the reasons I ask for your prompt intervention on the subject matter:-

(a) If you go through the records of your Commission, you will discover a series of allegations of corrupt practices against Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi, mostly in his capacity as the Director of Treasury of the FCTA. It is not surprising that he was invited severally by your Commission, but what is worrying and surprising to many of us is that a minister in the same ministry, Senator Bala Muhammad and many others under him were arrested for corruption and abuse of office by your Commission, their properties forfeited to the Federal Government, but a person that served under the same minister as his Director of Treasury, despite an array of expensive properties either traced to him or in his name, an expensive and flamboyant lifestyle after retirement (which even serving directors can’t afford) remains free of any corrupt charges. It is simply a mystery for a minister to be adjudged corrupt by the same Commission while his Director of Treasury is not. Certainly, it is not because of lack of convincing evidence of corrupt acquisition and enrichment against him;

(b) I also wish to urge you to institute a private investigation on Bomoi’s guber campaign, and I assure you sir, your findings will be mind-blowing as the man is running the most expensive and extravagant guber campaign in the history of the State. A campaign expenditure even an incumbent governor cannot match – what Bomoi is spending as an aspirant, most sitting governors can’t spend as candidates. As a retired director in the Federal Civil Service where is he getting the money for such spendings? Even though, as ‘crafty’ as he was he claims his campaign funds come from contributions and donations by friends and well-wishers. The big question here is, who are these friends and well-wishers? What are their sources of incomes to enable them make such huge donations to Bomoi?

(c) As an aspirant NOT a candidate of his party, Bomoi as a retired director has so far bought and distributed over 100 branded campaign vehicles, and he was said to have boasted of setting aside N2 billion for the APC governorship primary election in the State. The expensive jeeps in his convoys includes the latest bullet-proof White GMC Jeep he personally used during a recent campaign rally in Damaturu. The vehicle was valued at over N70 million as an attestation to his open corrupt wealth flaunt. I don’t mean to teach you your job sir, but I know it is part of the mandate of the EFCC to investigate suspicious wealth. Can Bomoi convince your Commission beyond all reasonable doubt about the business he does that fetches him such billions of naira?

(d) Another baffling instance of Bomoi’s expenditure, is the fact that at a time he is unnecessarily wasting millions on campaigns that has not yet officially started (because he is not yet a candidate of his party) he is building the most expensive edifice in the whole of Yobe State in his home town of Potiskum, along Fika Government Secondary School. In Potiskum, they call the gigantic building ‘Government House’, where Ibrahim Bomoi hopes to operate from as a ‘governor’. In his naivety, he wants to be seen or create a deceptive impression of someone that becomes a ‘governor’ with his riches so that it will be easy for him to continue what he did in the FCTA in Yobe State without anybody suspecting him. This further delineates the big and open corrupt wealth flaunt from a retired director. Is Bomoi different from other retired Federal Civil Service directors or even Permanent Secretaries we know? And it may interest you to know that we do have a big collection of retired directors and permanent secretaries in Yobe State. Why are they not as rich as Bomoi? The EFCC with it’s commitment under your leadership will have sufficient ground to initiate an investigation and to determine the veracity of my petition. I am not a politician and I don’t have any business to do with politics but I just want what is best for my state and Nigeria as a whole;

(e) I am sure if the EFCC will carry same method of professional investigation devoid of any compromised stance as it did in the case of Ibrahim Bomoi’s former boss, Senator Bala Muhammad; his colleague Jamila Tangaza and other officers of the then FCTA, which resulted in several properties including many in the name of Bala Muhammad’s son, Shamsuddeen Bala were traced and confiscated as evidence of corrupt enrichment, your Commission will certainly find many more properties in Abuja, Maiduguri, Kano and Potiskum that are directly or indirectly link to Bomoi. I am further convinced that the EFCC under your able leadership is doing well in curbing corruption in Nigeria and bringing the looters of our treasury to book, but many of us are also concerned that certain bad elements – investigating officers are providing cover and compromising clear cases of unjustified enrichment like that of Bomoi, and these enemies of Nigeria must be flushed out of the system by you to enable President Muhammadu Buhari and yourself succeed in the fight against corruption.

(f) Another disturbing scenario, which is already a threat to the security of our state (you can confirm this from the Chief Security Officer of Yobe State) is the introduction of highly armed, drug addicted thugs in our polity by Ibrahim Bomoi. He even donated ten vehicles for these armed thugs, who attack and threaten virtually all dissenting voices in his campaign convoys.

I am also aware that the EFCC even without a petition has the powers under the law to investigate and trace suspicious cases or instances of self-aggrandizement and asset ennoblement especially in clear instances of huge financial expenditure far above the earnings and incomes of such suspects. The APC as a party must not be a cover for corrupt retired civil servants or in the category of those looting the collective patrimony of our nation. Such corrupt elements believe that going into politics and joining the APC in particular will give them immunity from investigation and that all their previous atrocities will be overlooked or must be quashed. I advised that those officers at the Commission that previously handled the case of Ibrahim Bomoi should be directed to either review it or to explain the yardstick used for conclusion.

I have no doubt whatsoever in your capacity and credibility to do justice to the people of Yobe State and to ensure that these so-called politicians that have proven cases of corruption on their necks and who believe they can buy the conscience of our poverty ravaged people with their loot are never allowed to govern a state like Yobe. A state that was so unlucky to have unpatriotic leaders, leaders that have failed to develop the state since its creation in 1991, but we are lucky to have one in the current governor, whom we are convinced has done his best during the last eight years and therefore we cannot risk having anything less in the next dispensation.

May Allah continue to strengthen your resolve as I await your prompt consideration of this petition.

Please accept assurances of my highest regard and goodwill, always.

Yours sincerely,

Malam Tukur Mamu

His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari
IGP Ibrahim Idriss



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