Presidency not bothered by Trump’s comment


On Trump’s snide remarks about the President, Adesina said the Presidency was not worried by the derogatory comment allegedly made by the US President.

Noting that the information was not ascribed to anybody, since it was not verified, Adesina said: “If it is unverified as it came out, then the Presidency has no comment. It does not pass any concerns of good journalism.”

Asked if there were concerns that the comment could have a carry-over effect on public opinion about the President ahead of the 2019 elections, Adesina said the statement was inconsequential, stressing that Nigeria’s 2019 elections could not be influenced by a foreign power.

“No, it won’t. Nigerians are the ones that would ultimately elect their president; no foreign power will determine who gets elected.

“That does not worry us because it is unsubstantiated, unverified. anybody could have planted it, you know that in the jostle for power people can do anything,’’ he said.


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