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Going by the dictionary and applicable meaning of hypocrisy, the inventor might as well be a Nigerian. There is so much paradoxes and triple standard among average Nigerians that one begins to wonder if the law of genetically hereditary which states that all undesirable traits comes from other parents has not been injected in overdose into our body system. We crave for good governance and preach peace. We pray day and night for our well being. We are so good at it that the world actually acknowledge our perseverance and give us a gold medal in patience. We remain passive personified that active attitudes took exile from the country. We shout and scream about corruption. We punish good deeds and reward evil advocates. Whenever natural or manmade calamity strikes were member the creator and weeps profusely on our knees seeking his merciful cover.
To understand the natural analogy of hypocritical act, it is very important for us to sway our thought towards human contradictory nature. Prejudice is quite different issue. This is the telling point about these prejudices and presuppositions that they are rarely formed by the individual himself. From the beginning of his life, he is burdened with the countless prejudices that society instills in him. Family, friends and close relations determine his value-judgments the media especially have a great capacity to condition people’s attitudes toward certain subjects. Newspapers and television regularly misrepresent the right as unpleasant, unacceptable and even harmful, while showing the wrong to be good and desirable.
One, who readily accepts these prejudices instilled by society, loses a great part of his personality. He acts under the influence of conditioning by others; and does not behave with a free will or mind. Others’ predispositions determine misbehavior. He can thus accept only the values that are shown to be true as true. Moreover, when we consider that different societies with different cultural backgrounds happen to believe in different rights and wrongs, we can see that there is not much sense in following the dictates of any given society without questioning its value-judgments. By the same token, what is currently agreed to be wrong and immoral may well be considered acceptable in the future. Eating human flesh is very normal for cannibals, and obeying a crazy leader in a fascist society like Nazi Germany was absolutely right for the people who followed and supported him at that time. The number of examples is legion. What we must stress is that cogitating independently upon society’s conditioning, is conduct which be tokens wisdom in the thinker. Such a person is necessarily aware that the “values “imposed by society may be wrong and may lead to ethical dilemmas if adopted.
In Nigeria, we are all living witness to many glaring cases of hypocritical acts on the part of those who imposed themselves as leaders. In 2003 general elections, Senator Omisore was being tried and remanded in prison for a case of Murder of Chief Bola Ige. A serving Minister of Justice. Not only did he win his primary election from prison, Omoluwabi went ahead to win his senatorial seat from prison. We all remain mute because we are not the Bola Iges. Bode George, the south west PDP point man, was thrown into prison for stealing public funds. After his release, he invites Nigerians to a thanksgiving in supposed house of God. Celebrating an act of stealing inside a Church. What moral justification does those who attend the have to condemn corruption? Look at Adams Oshiomhole, the erstwhile pragmatic labour leader turned Governor, didn’t he support fuel subsidy removal in contrast to what Nigerians and labour unions posit? Since he became Governor of Edo state, Labour and Nigeria Union of Teachers has gone on strike more than six times.
Ina clear case of duplicity attitudes, whenever one of our close relatives found himself or herself in position of public office, we sing in affluent language and celebrate with friends that ‘it is our turn’ to join in the sharing of thecake. When the Niger Delta Militants begin their criminal activities through abduction, killing and economic sabotage, the western control media pilled pressure on the government to yield to their demand. Consequently, they were given amnesty as reward for killing and abduction.
Recently, Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu open a new frequency medium of hypocrisy when he demanded that the North demand for more revenue allocation as against the present sharing formula. There are two sides on this: first, it is a fact that monthly revenue allocation to Kebbi, Bauchi, Adamawa and Yobe combined is lessthan what Akwa Ibom states receives. So much for Federal System of government you might say. But, why does it take more than seven years for Northern Governors thinking antenna to decode the real motive behind one sided revenue allocation? What happened to the one they received? Who stopped them from revitalize agriculture, one sector that has the potential to rejig the Northern economy? How many more years will our Governors need to know that the North has bowed out of economic viability zone?
Before the death of President Umar Musa Yar’adua, there was controversy over whether he can act as Acting President or not. To resolve the impasse, the National assembly manufactured an apocryphal lodger called ‘doctrine of necessity’, a term that is alien to the constitution. NGO’s, civil society groups and Labour union applauded the move asa historic and patriotic act. With the death of Yar’adua, the then PDP National Chairman, Vincent Ogbulafor came out to restate the position of PDP on zoning. He was forced out of office. Where are the NGOs’, Civil Societies and Labour Union by then? Mute is the answer. Act zero, scene nothing.
Then comes the 2011 Presidential Primary election. This is one moment in Nigeria political history that brought out the true colour of our so called leaders across religious and ethnic divide. With choleric temperament, vanities and falsehood spread across. Because Goodluck the messiah is dancing in the podium. We allowed empty eloquence with deceitful characters to hijack the stage. The elderly, who are supposed to say the truth and shame the devil, decides to eat, danceand slept with the devils instead. Naming names is worthless here because such names does not command any respect any longer. What respects can an old man who defecate in the public demand from a teenager who packed the mess from the public? The election turned out to be the worst in terms of rigging and intimidation. Yet, our so called civil societies and human and inhuman right activities clapped with both hands that all is well. Therefore, it is quite baffling to see the same people who lined up to collect millions in the name of Goodluck campaign organizations calling for the resignation of the President during the fuel subsidy debacle. The same people who traded with the President during the election mouth watering largesse.

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