6th August, 2015


The attention of Grassroots Development Network (GDN) has been drawn to a criminal and libelous, but “Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR”, written by one Idris Ahmed, President and founder of CUPS (Citizens united for Peace and Security), cataloguing and outlining the alleged offences and atrocities said to be committed by some staff/personnel and officers of the SSS.
The authoritative and sadistic wordings in the heading of the article – “must be disbanded” – set the rindictive tone of the whole malicious efforts of Idris Ahmed. The wordings also lay bare Ahmed’s dark heart and mind. Is disbanding the DSSS the solution? Is disbanding the DSSS really desirable and feasible? And even if the DSSS is to be disbanded, why should it be a “must” for President Buhari?
In introducing his Union (CUPS) in the first paragraph of his open letter, Idris Ahmed invariably and unwittingly prepared the minds of readers as to what to expect and who he is actually:A charlatan, who peddles false hood as truth Idris Ahmed falsely and deceptively boasted that his CUPS is “the fastest-growing human rights organization in Nigeria”. We wonder what verifiable criteria Idris used to arrive at this wild imagination and unsubstantiated claim.
As Idri’s open letter is a piece on vendetta and meant to settle scores, it singled out the DSSS only as the security outfit that should be phased out, after Idris has equally indicted the military and other law enforcement agencies as institutions that also suffered “criminal politicization”. Why single out the DSSS from or amongst the collection of the security apparatuses of the State? No wonder, daft and dull Idris Ahmed is neither intelligent nor does he have investigative instincts for him to inquire, ask about or get leakage to unravel “the treasonous offences committed” also by the military and law enforcement agencies, even after he was spoon feed and given classified information as free handout on the platter of gold.
Any way we wait for Idris Ahmed to furnish us with the treasonous offences committed by the military and law enforcement agencies as well. Will Ahmed also call for or suggest the disbandment of the military and law enforcement agencies?
With just a mischievous masterstroke of his pen, Idris Ahmed has literally and unilaterally prosecuted, tried, found (both the DSSS and some of its personnel) guilty and condemned them for execution. How could Ahmed; all alone, be the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge. Regardless of the privileged position of the “leaked document” given to Ahmed, it is not an established fact that the senior officers that he accused of committing offences are indeed actually guilty.
Is Ahmed all that legally empowered, authoritative enough and evidently qualified to know, establish or ascertain that the senior officers are really liable for the offences? Even if Ahmed could find them culpable, will he discard, overlook and write off their records of good, meritorious and noble service to their fatherland?
Should all their 20 – 30 years of service be washed away, simply because Idris Ahmed of CUPS have found them guilty of his trumped up charges? Is Ahmed a good, fair and impartial judge? Is he really an honest and incorruptible judge, a judge that accepts and admits leaked document, then tries suspects, convicts them and condemns them all in absentia?

The author of this seditious piece has barefacedly and unabashedly claimed that all his revelations as contained in the “Open Letter” were “Leaked document” from the SSS. But beyond the leakage(s) given to Idris Ahmed, we (the Grassroots Development Network)also know of the promptings, the contract and the hatched job that Ahmed was also given, commissioned and assigned to do, to pull down, defame and castigate some persons in particular and the SSS in general.
The GDN is aware of the universal and indisputable fact that two wrongs do not make right. Is leaking DSSS document a decent, honourable and proper act? Is leaking DSSS document not in itself a treacherous and treasonable act? Can a person in his right senses go to town with such awful revelations in the name of or with the aim of achieving. “unity, peace and security of all Nigerians”? Can or will unity, peace and security of all Nigerians be achieved through slander, blackmail, backstabbing, labeling and name – dropping?
If Idris Ahmed is to be believed, those who leaked the document from the DSSS are now in a good position tochannel same leaked document to the new D-G DSSS (Lawal Musa Daura) who; like President Buhari, is equally suitable and in a good position to deal with the issues raised in Ahmed’s exegesis accordingly and diligently.
So, why writing to Buhari and to the world in general, when Ahmed’s paymasters can quietly, ethically and professionally write to Daura? The simple answer and explanation hare is that Ahmed and his collaborators are not honestly, genuinely and sincerely desirous of correcting any wrongdoing. They are just out insult others and even insult the sensibilities of other Nigerians. Idris Ahmed is just conscripted to mischievously do the job of an agent provocateur.
In any case; and for the avoidance of doubt, it is an open secret that Idris Ahmed was saddled with a blackmailing job by lily-livered, double-faced and meek insiders in the DSSS. Those who leaked and labeled DSSS officials and the Service; and who brainwashed Idris Ahmed, include, a retired Director of the SSS from the North – East, two Asst. Directors in the DSSS Headquarters, three P.As to State Directors from the North – East, North – Central and North – West, an Asst. Director that served in the Kaduna State Command and one CSO to a former Minister from the North – East. These are the persons/officers that conspired and recruited Idris Ahmed to carryout this reprehensible job.
It is also known that some politicians have in like manner greased Ahmed’s palms to help him oil his mischief-campaign machinery, and they include a former Minister from the North – West during the Obasanjo Presidency, two former Senators from the North – West and two APC Chieftains from the North – West and the South – West.
Perhaps it behoves Idris Ahmed and his ilk to know that the very persons that recruited him to carry out this unwholesome job by compiling these spurious and damaging claims and labels are the same elements being enlisted to carryout sinister plots against the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Among these elements are some former Governors of Borno, Kano and Sokoto States who are now in the PDP. For example, it is this same group that leaked the recent purchase of a N270million magnificent (Residential edifice)house by the new D-G of the SSS – Lawal Musa Daura, in a choice GRA of Kaduna. So Idris Ahmed should beware of this and be wary of his fellow dishonest conspirators who may turn round to deal with him decisively at the appropriate time.
One may not know the real motives of Idris Ahmed in his vituperations, but it suffices to let him know that as flies to wanton boys, so is he to these conspirators who will definitely one day kill him for their sport. As they have sent him to go to town with this dastardly act, they are already busy compiling and profiling the activities, dossiers, inactions and infractions of the new D-G of the SSS with the ultimate goal of bringing him (Lawal Daura) down and eventually wrecking havoc on the Buhari Presidency. These conspirators for example are the fashion (fashionista) wizards that analysed the dress that the First Lady (A’isha Buhari) won on May 29th 2015 and told the world that Mrs. Buhari wore multi-million naira dress and apparels to her husband’s inauguration event.
Regarding the alleged litany of crimes purportedly committed by some 19 officers of the SSS as insinuated by Idris Ahmed, it is pertinent to observe and state that, it is absolutely contradictory to accuse a Director of the SSS in one of the states for “releasing bogus libelous information to the public domain that Your Excellency has held meetings with Boko Haram leaders in Kaduna”. Because, how could such a Director have released “information to the public domain” without releasing same to the mass media or in the new social media? On which dates or occasions did the Director released the information? Copious Idris Ahmed did not provide convincing details to back up or support his assertion thereof. Why? Does this allegation rhyme or tally with inter-agency reports or information at the disposal of other security establishments or law enforcements agencies? What are the objective co-relatives of this outlandish allegation that Ahmed is unwilling to release to Buhari and to the world? Why did Ahmed decide to be economical with the truth?
Again, whither is the truth in or veracity of the allegation that a State Director of the DSSS “also played a significant role in undermining” Buhari’s chances of winning the 2011 election? What are the significant or insignificant roles did other security establishments or law enforcement agencies and their bosses in that state (of the Nigerian Federation) also play in undermining or facilitating Buhari’s chances of winning the 2011 election? Or weren’t there any of such roles played by the GOC/Garrison Commander, Commissioner of Police, Civil Defence Commander, Controller of Prisons, Controller of Immigration and Controller of Customs, NDLEA Commander? Why didn’t Ahmed’s informants furnish him with the roles played by the others in this regard?
If Idris Ahmed’s allegation is anything to go by, then how comes that the Director he accused of such offence could also be queried by the DSSS for allegedly aiding, assisting or helping the APC or for being sympathetic to Buhari/Tinubu’s cause? How could such a Director “undermine” Buhari’s chances and at the same time champion Tinubu’s cause? In the same vein, how could transferring a Director from one state to another help him (such a director) “cover his tracks”. One is at lost here. This accusation doesn’t hold water. It begs more questions.
Yours sincerely,

Najib Mato Daura
Is the Chairman Grassroots Development Network (GDN)
Lives in No. 13E Wurno Road,
Badarawa Kaduna,
And can be reached at


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