Revealed: How Jonathan and his Men Plotted Sylva’s Fall


Facts have emerged on how President Goodluck Jonathan and his loyalists plotted the fall of the embattled Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva.
Minutes of a “strategy meeting” obtained by this medium shows that it had the support of security agencies in its actions.
At one of the meetings, the group gave inkling into the allegation that Sylva was planning to kill the President.
According to the group it was in touch with the security agencies, with support from Jonathan, on how to neutralise the governor.
Amongst many other things, the group said it had the “assurance by Mr President, the NSA and the Chief of Army Staff that the State Director of SSS and the Brigade Commander of the Yenagoa Military garrison who are suspected to be sympathetic to Governor Sylva are deployed out of the state.”
This medium discovered a full text of how this “strategy meeting” transpired.
Below is a full report of the minutes.
Strategy Session No. 9
T.S: The Final Political Solution
This is a report of the 9th meeting of the Strategy Committee of the Anti-Gov Sylva Movement held at the residence of King A.J Turner in Maitama District of Abuja, on Thursday 3rd November, 2011.
In attendance were King A.J Turner, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson, H.E Peremobowei Ebebi, Hon Fyneman Wilson, Chief Fred Gbedi, Gen Enai (rtd), Hon Salo Adekuno, Solomon Imananagha, AVM Larry Koinyan, Prof Isoung and Hon Rufus Ababi.
I. Opening
The meeting commenced at 7.45pm with opening prayers said by Hon Fyneman Wilson. The meeting was subsequently declared open by King A. J. Turner, the host and the chairman of the committee. The agenda of the meeting was read by the secretary of the committee, Hon Ababi and unanimously adopted. The agenda was as follows:
i. Briefings on the State of the Struggle.
ii. Ensuring the Continued Support of Mr President: Key Steps to Take
iii. Mounting Further Pressure on the Party Leadership
iv. The Political Situation in Bayelsa state
v. Preparing For the Primary Election: Delegates Mobilisation
vi. A.O.B
vii. Chairman’s closing Remarks
viii. Closing prayers
2.   Briefings
The principal briefing was made by king A.J Turner and Hon Henry Seriake Dickson. The briefing covered the following issues:
I   Extending thanks to Mr. President, the NSA and the IGP for disbanding Famou Tamgbe which has become Gov. Sylva’s political outfit and redeploying the commissioner of police who has been compromised by Gov. Sylva out of Bayelsa State on the recommendation of the group.
ii. Assurance by Mr. President, the NSA and the Chief of Army Staff that the State Director of SSS and the Brigade Commander of the Yenagoa Military garrison who are suspected to be sympathetic to Governor Sylva are deployed out of the state. On the issue of timeline raised by Gen Enai (rtd) and Hon Wilson, the group was informed that these two last acts will be done, at least, a week to the primary election.
iii. The group was also informed that Mr. President was personally responsible for the Appeals panel withholding Gov. Sylva’s clearance on the basis of the petitions which groups affiliated to the strategy committee wrote.
On the question raised by AVM Koinyan and Hon Adekumo whether the groups could be reached and compromised by Gov. Sylva to recant and withdraw their petition, HE Ebebi who organised them, was firm in his assurance that they are incorruptible and beyond the reach of the Governor.
iv. The group was also informed that direct contact has been made with Mrs. Farida Waziri, Chairman of the EFCC since groups working for the committee wrote their petitions against the governor, and were assured that not only will ranking officials of the State government be arrested and arraigned before the primary election, but also that the state will be rendered prostrate, and its activities disrupted by heightened EFCC operations starting from the end of the Sallah celebrations.
A member reminded the group of the need to physically move a crack team of EFCC operatives to the State to commence work without delay. He was informed that Mrs. Waziri’s personal assurance and commitment has been secured in this regard.
V. The house was also briefed on the need for co-ordinated action on these fronts; re-landscaping the state security outlook, ensuring that Gov. Sylva is denied clearance and also ensuring that the impact of EFCC’s operations is clearly felt.
To achieve this, an Action committee headed by Hon Ebebi and made up of Prof. Isoung, Chief Gbedi and AVM Koinyan was set up to over-see the day to day implementation of this directive.
3.  Mr. President’s Support
The meeting noted that Mr President’s continued support is crucial at this stage given his penchant for equivocation, hesitation and indecisiveness. Some members were even appalled that Gov. Sylva is still standing tall and fighting with all the personal and direct-assurances of Mr. President to the contrary and eve wondered about the role of Bruce Murrary, and Tlmi Alaibe, when it is an open secret that the latter is being fronted by former President Obasanjo and the First Lady after a purported exchange of heavy fund.
The chairman reassured the group that Mr. President’s support is intact; that the other aspirants are mere decoy to create the illusion of a complicated political fight as it is ill-advised for Mr. President to function effectively in a two-way fight without being overly exposed; and that the best form of pressure on him is further blackmail through more media disclosures and petitions on Gov. Sylva’s hatred of him and boast that he will derail his 2015 re-election project if he Sylva gets re-elected in 2012. The point was also made to widen the contact on Mr President and ensure that he gets timely explosive briefings on Gov Sylva’s antics from the group and the NSA.
4.       Pressure on the Party Leadership
The group commended the Leadership of the PDP for upturning the clearance given to governor Sylva by the screening committee, and singled out the Acting National Secretary, Dr. Babayo, the Legal Adviser, Wole Oke and the National publicity Secretary, Prof. Alkali, for special thanks. Members expressed reservations about the apparent pro-Sylva statements credited to the Acting National Chairman, Alhaji Baraje Kawu, may be made under pressure on from his benefactor Former Gov. Saraki, who is very close to Gov. Sylva. The meeting also resolved to apply further pressure on Alhaji Barje through Mr. President, and also to ensure that he is weaned of Saraki’s overbearing influence over him. It was further resolved that Mr President should be reached to speak to Saraki on this matter, as any further dragging of foot by the party in  disqualifying Gov. Sylva will not only send the wrong kind of signal back home, but would give the governor more time to recover and mount counter measures. The chairman, King Turner and Hon Dickson, were mandated to act on this and report back to the house at its next meeting on Wednesday, 9th Nov, 2011 at same venue.
5.  The group reviewed the political situation in Bayelsa and noted the momentum their campaign has generated. Some of the welcome developments analysed include
i.  The penetration by the group of some member of the Council of Local government chairmen and the petition the latter wrote on their behalf
ii.     Sowing seeds of discord in Gov. Sylva’s camp as demonstrated by the petition “Concerned government officials” wrote on their behalf
iii.  The group also noted the high profile already attained by its striking arm – Niger Delta integrity Group – which wrote the petition that has thus far denied Gov. Sylva clearance because of the weighty nature of the allegation – threat to Mr. President and his wife’s life by Gov. Sylva, and further resolved to make more money available to the group. The salutary effect of the dissolution of the infamous “Famou Tamgbei” was appreciated, as well as mapping out new strategies to criminalise such pro-Sylva groups as “ Young Bayelsa Professionals” led by one Moses Siasia and “Operation Fatangbe” in order to effect the arrest of their leadership, at least, a week to the primary election
6.  Preparing For the Primary Election
Three issues came up for discussion on this issue. What strategy to adopt if Gov. Sylva is screened out but Timi Alaibe is screened in, what to do if Gov. Sylva is screened in and Alaibe is screened out, and finally how to handle the situation if Gov. Sylva and Alaibe are both screened in. No time was spent on the scenario of if both Sylva and Alaibe are screened out as this will be plain sailing for the group. Because of time constraint a committee headed by H.E. Ebebi was set up to brief the group on these scenarios during the next meeting, but most importantly to avail Mr. President of the implication of each scenario as urgently as possible.
7. A.O.B Security Situation in Nigeria and Bayelsa in Particular
The group expressed concern about the security situation in Nigeria , and Bayelsa state in particular and resolved to task Mr President, NSA, D.G S.S.S and IGP about increasing the presence of security personnel in Bayelsa state, placing Gov. Sylva under security watch and restricting his movement from now till after the primary election.
8.  The chairman thanked the members for their diligent commitment to the struggle and urged members to always dispose of the report of their meetings once they go through it and have internalized its content to avoid leakage. The closing prayers were said by Hon Salo Adekumo. The motion for adjournment was moved by Chief Fred Gbedi and was seconded by AVM Larry Koinyan. The next meeting was adjourned to 7pm, Wednesday, 9th November, 2011 at the same venue.
King A. J. Turner
Hon Rufus Ababi

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