Senate Committee Calls on FRSC to Reduce the Burden of Speed Limiter on Vehicle Owners


The Senator Tijani Kaura and Suleiman Hunkuyi led Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter-Governmental Affairs on Tuesday in National Assembly called on the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC to address the issue of cost on vehicle owners if the installation of speed limiter on vehicles is to be implemented as a policy.

Senator Tijani Kaura, while declaring the stakeholders meeting open, asked the various government and non-governmental organizations to come up with their views regarding the speed limiter as being implemented as a policy.

Some of the organizations in the stakeholders round table include Standard Organization of Nigeria, Nigeria Society of Engineers, FRSC, vendors from different companies, Petroleum Tanker Drivers Association etc.

The representatives of National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW said they decided to back out because of the cost of installation of the speed limiter on the vehicles. They maintained that though safety and unity is the motto of the union, they cannot agree with any policy that will lead to additional burdens on the road users.
They also observed that several factors that will lead to the reduction of accident on the highways have not been given adequate attention. Such factors include road signage, training of drivers, good road etc

When Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi, Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Character and Intergovernmental Affairs, asked some of the vendors about what it will cost to install a speed limiter on a vehicle, they said it will cost between N18,000 to 28,000 to install the device on a single vehicle.

Hunkuyi said nobody will be against the policy that is aimed at bringing about safety on the roads but an attempt to ensure safety on the road should not bring about unnecessary burden to the people.

The Senate in April this year mandated the Senate committee on Federal Character and Inter-Governmental Affairs to probe the implementation of speed limit policy by FRSC.

The decision to probe the FRSC over the issue came as result of motion which described the commission’s speed limit implementation as draconian noting that in other parts of the world, speed limiting devices are built on highways and once drivers beat the device, they would be arrested.


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