Senator Marafa faults Oshiomhole on primaries, says no consensus candidates in zamfara


Following ‘war’ of words between the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over political situation in zamfara state, Senator Kabiru Marafa on Thursday berated National chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, saying there was neither consensus candidates nor primary elections for any elective positions in the state.

It would be recalled that INEC in a letter to the APC on Wednesday stated that for failing to hold primaries duly supervised by the commission officials before 12 midnight of Sunday, October 7, 2018, banned the party from fielding candidates for four different categories of elections in the forth coming general elections.

The elections are governorship, senatorial and House of Representatives election as well as elections into the State Assembly seats .

But speaking with newsmen in Abuja, Marafa debunked the claim of Oshiomhole on consensus candidates, saying neither primaries nor consensus arrangement were arrived at by the party in the state before the expiration of time given by INEC which was 12midnight of Sunday, October 7, 2018.

He said: “I read the letter from INEC where they quoted sections of the law that influenced their position. I also read the response made by the APC National Chairman. I want to believe the chairman was been misled by the APC electoral committee that went to Zamfara .

“But as a stakeholder who was present and witnessed the whole process that happened, there was no election in Zamfara on the Saturday October 7, 2018.

“Also, there was no consensus from anybody or by anybody. So, the election committee reported in the contrary. I think that was absolutely wrong. I always stand by the side of the truth. I want to say the truth even if it is against me,” .

He however added that he is still a member of the APC, but that if the party does anything wrong, he would not hesitate to point it out.

“I’m an APC member to the core, and I’m still with the APC, notwithstanding that the chances are becoming bleak, may be for me as a politician. But I believe in the party. If the party does anything wrong, I should have the courage to say this thing is wrong.

“If the party has any way within the law to fill in any candidate, I will be happy, but not when the issues are based on a wrong foundation. So, let us address the issues the way they are.

“We are going into election and the desire of every party is to win and win without any litigation, divert attention and waste resources. I would not want to see one happening to me.

“So, by and large, the only thing I saw wrong in the letter is the assertion that there was a consensus. There was no consensus. We are gubernatorial aspirants but some people stepped down.

“For the remaining five aspirants, there was no consensus till the end of the exercise. The truth of the matter is that the APC electoral committee tried to achieve a consensus among the aspirants for the governorship and senatorial aspirants, but the two factions of the party could not agree.

“If you force any consensus or you claim there was one, there is going to be a revolt that there was no consensus, and anybody and some have the right to go to court.

“But if under the law, the APC has the right to field candidates, they can go ahead to do it without recourse to either election or consensus. Let us get one thing clear and correct. That there was no election, no consensus” Marafa added.


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