Sheikh Gumi will never support injustice- Tukur Mamu


Media Consultant to the Kaduna based revered Sunni Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi and DESERT HERALD publisher Mallam Tukur Mamu, said the people that are criticizing Sheikh Gumi and alleging that his recent position on national issues were influenced and meant to favour the PDP’s presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan, against that of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), are not only unfair to the Sheikh but did not really know who the Sheikh is. Mamu said this to the team of LEADERSHIP reporters after an exclusive interview with Sheikh Gumi in his Kaduna residence on Wednesday.

Mamu said Sheikh Gumi is not the type of preacher that can be compromised by leaders or be influenced with public opinion to make his opinion against his conscience and what he believes in. He lamented that the larger society acted against Sheikh Gumi based on hearsay and pure misunderstanding of his position. Mamu said “what has endeared Gumi to the people over the years is his truthfulness, consistency, integrity and his ability to please only Allah. In the process the public can agree or disagree with him. He is very much concerned about the future of this country and he knows what has actually done to other great nations. He can never be in support of injustice and he can never support Jonathan as long as he is presiding over a government that promotes and encourages injustice. And General Buhari is not in government now for him to determine or assess his performance, ability or otherwise. The situation is dicey. The PDP, on the one hand, is determined to cling on to power by all means and the APC is already threatening strong resistance if the PDP is declared winner against popular votes. The old man Edwin Clerk, Asari Dokubo and others are also saying it is only Jonathan or no more Nigeria in 2015. That is his concern; a repetition of the ugly violence of 2011. Gumi believes that the only way for Nigeria since Jonathan and Buhari have emerged as their parties candidates is not to make statements that will overheat the polity but to educate electorates not to engage in thuggery that will lead to loosing even a single life not to talk of many. The nation is already losing innocent Nigerians due to the mismanagement of the Boko Haram insurgency. He believes once the nation is allowed to go in flames because of the ambition of any of the candidates it is only God that can kill it and then it may be too late. That is his position.”

Gumi’s Media Consultant also said Nigerians are not blind; they know who to elect between Jonathan and Buhari. “That is the position of the Sheikh. He has always restricted himself to a role of a scholar who desires the best for this nation. People can visit for all the audios of Sheikh Gumi’s Tafsir and other similar preaching. He has said it all as far as his understanding of Islam is concerned and he still stands by his position and opinion but now is not the time for him to make statements that will trigger anger from either of the camps. There is indeed a very good relationship and understanding between Gen Buhari and Sheikh Gumi; it is not for us to discuss on the pages of newspaper. His doors are always open to whoever wants his counsel and he respects the opinion of all Nigerians.”

On the recent response of the Shiites group to Sheikh Gumi’s letter, Mamu said what the Sheikh did is purely an admonition to the leader of the Shiites, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, but the Islamic movement took it personal against the Sheikh. “He justified his letter with verses of the Qur’an and quotations from the Hadith and even if he didn’t do that why will you allow your religious belief/rituals to inconvenience others that don’t necessarily share your belief? The other time in Potiskum a woman on labour was forced to give birth in a car because all the roads leading to the hospital were either blocked or the motorists spend hours due to heavy traffic as a result of their procession. Even the bomb blast that recently killed innocent boys during the procession in Potiskum was largely the fault of the Shiite leaders. Why will the leaders approve such procession in a highly fragile town like Potiskum that has been witnessing series of violent attacks by Boko Haram? Even if it is the five daily prayers, which is compulsory, Allah did not permit you to go and pray in an unsecure place or in an atmosphere prone to attacks. That is what Sheikh Gumi was drawing Sheikh Zakzaky’s attention to but they said he is an agent of the CIA and Israel. How could that be if they are listening to his preaching? Is it possible for one to be against who he is working for and at the same time for them to retain him for same job? Is the CIA or the MOSAD so stupid to allow him destroy them while still paying him for the job they are alleging he is doing for them? Sheikh Gumi is discussing issues with substance. The abuses will not change his position.”


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