By Usman Beti

The latest threat via a video release by the leader of Boko Haram, Imam Abubakar Shekau, is a great source of concern.
In fact, the display of cache of arms and ammunitions seized by the group from the military in Baga, when they invaded the town and the military flee clearly show the cowardly and stupidity of the military men. The complain, that the military men always told the people in the foreign media such as the BBC, VOA and others is really not tenable.
The military men felt not to engage the insurgents because they are scared not to lose their lives. And all these boil down to the process of recruitment into the army, where the highest bidders and sons of the big Ogas are normally recruited or
absorbed and commissioned as officers. These types of men do not enter the army in order to protect the territorial integrity of the nation, but simply to wear the uniform as a status symbol.

Those who have the zeal and commitment and happen to be from poor background
are not recruited or commissioned into the army.
It is highly imperative for the authorities concerned to adopt a well articulated policy on the type of people to be recruited into the army.
In fact, it is worth mentioning in this piece that there is no need to carry large caches of arms and ammunitions to the bush, if the military men are not ready to take the war right at the base of the insurgents.

The amount spent on the military by even the government of the day could have put an end to the activities of the insurgents in the last five years. But because of the high profile corruption within the flak of the military, we are still grappling with the situation that has continued to consume lives of innocent people and led to the displacement of a lot of people especially in the north-east axis.
We cannot continue to be pretending that we will overcome the insurgency, while the military inadvertently equipping the insurgents by fleeing and leaving quantum of arms and ammunitions to be carted away by the insurgents.

The people have been traumatized by the level of killings and destructions as a result of the insurgency. Economically, nothing so serious is happening in the north as a result of the activities of the insurgents, and no one can confidently say that he is secured today.
Let Nigeria not to be a giant in rhetoric. It is better Nigeria make things happen in order to be called the giant of Africa.

Beti, a Public Affairs Commentator, writes from Zaranda Street, Jimeta-Yola


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