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FG Must Parley Now With Boko Haram – Shehu Sani

FG Must Parley Now With Boko Haram – Shehu Sani

By FEMI ADI Comrade Shehu Sani, Kaduna-based author and activist, tells FEMI ADI how the Boko Haram menace could be ended. What is your understanding of Boko Haram’s lethal campaign? Since the Boko Haram insurgency began, people in the country and outside have expressed different views. While some say Boko Haram is a western design

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Attitudinal Change And Ethical Values As Necessary Ingredients For The Transformation Of Nigeria

By Sir, (Barr) MIKE EJIOFOR, fsi Nigeria is today being crippled by one of the greatest threats affecting her ability to rapidly transform critical areas of her society along socio-political and economic lines. This threat is centred on the reluctance or refusal of its citizenry to develop right attitudes towards doing things. Consequently, the inability

The Illegal Weapons Saga

The recent news report that some weapons looted in Libya have infiltrated Nigeria is distressing. It portends great danger and should worry those in authority. It has serious security implication taking into consideration the current siege on the nation by Boko Haram. Also, the incident has further underscored the porous nature of our borders. That

A Collapsing Economy?

Recently, the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, expressed deep concerns over the depletion of the Excess Crude Account (ECA). According to the Minister, the account has witnessed a free fall within six years (2006 – 2012), from N20 billion in 2006, to $3.6 billion at present. This means that a total of N16.4 Bn

Jonathan is Eligible for Psychiatric Test

By CHARLES OFOJI It is only in a mad country that a sitting president will overtly admit taking bribe from a foreign construction company, in desecration of the constitution he swore to preserve, and still go about his business as president and commander-in-chief as if nothing happened. To acutely grasp President Goodluck Jonathan’s misbehavior in

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MALLAM USMAN ANGULU, MP Minister of State, Police Affairs

Mallam Usman Ahmed Angulu was born in Koton Karfe in 1928. He started his education in his birth place-Koton Karfe in the N.A School in the town. He was a good example of people who are not daunted by any impediments in the pursuit of the golden fleece for when the opportunity for formal education

Injustice in Corruption Cases:Plot to Support or Sabotage Jonathan?

By OHIA ISRAEL In Nigeria today corruption cases involving public office holders have continued to be thwarted by the powers-that-be. Our investigations revealed that a carefully coordinated plot by the presidency and top echelon of the government is being anchored to sabotage the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The brains behind the plot are throwing spanners in

Replicating the Economies of the “Four Asian Tigers” in Nigeria:

Mr. President, Please Stop Teasing By HENRY OKOROAFOR World leaders gathered in Seoul, South Korea on 27 March, 2012 for Nuclear Security Summit and President Goodluck Jonathan was one of them. He attended the summit in the company of his wife and a few delegates that includes two state governors. After the summit, President Jonathan

Restoring Peace in Northern Nigeria

By MADIBA LAPINNI Peace, the five letter word had in recent times become the most desirable entity that humanity craves for irrespective of their creed, status, religion and affiliation in life. Peace is not only the absence of war but also the presence of all positive indices that can lead development. It entails the presence