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Birnin Kebbi:Under Gov Dakingari’s Jackboot!

Birnin Kebbi:Under Gov Dakingari’s Jackboot!

By MALAMI MAIBINDIGA When former governor Muhammed Adamu Aliero started getting his just desserts from his successor soon after appropriating power, quite a number of Kebbi State indigenes felt that it was a case of good riddance to bad rubbish. For all the people cared, Aliero can go hang and the reasons are not farfetched:

Jokolo’s Short Memory

By ADAMU BALARABE SOBA Obsession with cheap publicity appears to be second nature to the deposed Emir of Gwandu, retired Major Mustapha Haruna Jokolo. He wants to be a headline grabber at the slightest opportunity. One does not, however, have any trouble with a man’s addiction to publicity, provided his views are moderated by discretion,