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Attitudinal Change And Ethical Values As Necessary Ingredients For The Transformation Of Nigeria

Attitudinal Change And Ethical Values As Necessary Ingredients For The Transformation Of Nigeria

By Sir, (Barr) MIKE EJIOFOR, fsi Nigeria is today being crippled by one of the greatest threats affecting her ability to rapidly transform critical areas of her society along socio-political and economic lines. This threat is centred on the reluctance or refusal of its citizenry to develop right attitudes towards doing things. Consequently, the inability

Is Media Above the Law?

By MOHAMMED ISMAIL When the crime was perpetrated in the banking sub-sector, all hell was let loose; now that the crime is being perpetrated by the all powerful media there is a resoundingly deafening silence. Although, the banking industry has a potent reason to embrace casualization of staff in the wake of the global financial

Time for North to Get More Revenue

By ZAYYAD I. MOHAMMED At present, all the 19 northern states cannot effectively function without the monthly allocation from the Federation Account. But can the 19 northern states ever survive without the monthly allocations from the Federation Account? – Certainly yes; if the region can wake-up from its slumber. The thirst of northern Governors for

Beyond Fuel Subsidy: What Next?

Why SURE is not a sure route to Infrastucture Development By JAYE GASKIA INTRODUCTION: At the height of the tremendous mobilisation and organising efforts aimed at preparing Nigerians for resistance and persuading the government to change its policy course on subsidy removal, I had written a paper in December 2011, titled ‘Governing by stealth: exploding


Reps Accuse SEC DG, Aruma Oteh Of Wasting Public Funds…Spends N30m On Hotel Bills In 8 Months…N85,000 On Meals Per Day

The extravagant life and wasteful spending of public funds by the Director General of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Ms Aruma Oteh were exposed today by members of the House of Representatives who also accused her of failing woefully to protect the investments of Nigerians in the rescued five banks and some insurance companies.  The