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Revealed: How Federal Ministries, National Assembly Milk Nigeria!

Revealed: How Federal Ministries, National Assembly Milk Nigeria!

Each fiscal year, as the budget is passed, there are high expectations for its implementation, but it has never worked, leaving Nigerians feeling utterly short-changed due to its non-implementation. Why? Ohia Israel and Maryam Musa, reports Early this year public outcry forced the presidency to cut to half a billion for the purchase of vehicles.

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High Profile Corruption Burden

By TONY ORILADE It was disgusting to the ears when the news broke on May 3, 2012, that a certain Adamu Abubakar who was arrested on March 19, 2012, at Darazo market in Bauchi state while trying to spend a fake N500 Nigerian currency with an orange seller in the market was on May 2,


What the $10bn Subsidy Loot can Buy

By MICHAEL OLUWAGBEMI As I ponder the fate of Nigeria in the hands of the gazillion looters that fill our halls of power, I shake my head realizing how hard some of our fellow countrymen struggle to put simple three square meals on the table. But despondency overtake one when you realize these hungry countrymen