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Islam and Islamism in the Modern World

TB: How important has Israel been to the revival of Islam? DP: It is a major factor in the neighboring states. But elsewhere, in Morocco, Iran, Malaysia, it has minor importance. TB: Since the “Arab Spring,” Israel seems increasingly beleaguered. DP: Not really, not yet, though I agree that it will be more beleaguered with

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‘Boko Haram is a Conduit Pipe in the Presidency’ – Tukur Mamu

DESERT HERALD has been following the activities the Jama’a Ahlilsunnah Wal Da’a wati popularly called Boko Haram right from the onset. Spiritual leader and founder of the sect, late Muhammad Yusuf granted the paper his last interview on earth, before his killing under suspicious circumstances.  Maryam Musa and the Editor-in-Chief of Society Watchdog magazine, Akubo

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Ex-Yobe SSG Narrowly Escapes Boko Haram Attack

By OUR CORRESPONDENT Our target is Ba’aba and all those Northern Politicians that looted at the expense of the poor, says Boko Haram Spokesman In a teleconference with DESERT HERALD last week, the self styled spokesman of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, Abu Qaqa, exclusively told this paper that it was their men that visited