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Our Golden Girl

Ordinarily, the process of electing the World Bank president is as ‘democratic’ as that of electing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman: it’s always a family affair! In PDP, the president anoints and the party delegates endorse. At the World Bank, America nominates, the rest of the world ratifies. To date, there have been

World Bank Interest better served as Finance Minister

Africans now have this hang-up on international positions, considered as prestigious. You must remember that Africans have been Pope, Europe conqueror, United Nations President and now American President. None of these is enough as long as your Continent remains in shambles. If you know you are good enough to rule the world, rule your country

World Bank Presidency: Hats off to Ngozi

When economists from the World Bank visit poor countries to dispense cash and advice, they routinely tell governments to reject cronyism and fill each important job with the best candidate available. It is good advice. The World Bank should take it. In appointing its next president, the bank’s board should reject the nominee of its