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PDP State Chairmen reject Tukur, pass vote of no confidence on Party Chairman

PDP State Chairmen reject Tukur, pass vote of no confidence on Party Chairman

 The state and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday passed a no confidence vote on the beleaguered Chairman of the ruling party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, heightening possibilities that he may soon be removed from office. The chairmen did this at their emergency meeting, which was held at Three G

Corruption Game: How NNPC Bribed the Presidency with a Helicopter!

By OHIA ISRAEL Just as the result of the external audit of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) starts to creep into the Nigerian media circles, it has been revealed that former administrations benefitted unlawfully from the NNPC’s funds. According to our investigations NNPC allegedly financed the purchase of a helicopter for the Presidency at the

Jonathan is Eligible for Psychiatric Test

By CHARLES OFOJI It is only in a mad country that a sitting president will overtly admit taking bribe from a foreign construction company, in desecration of the constitution he swore to preserve, and still go about his business as president and commander-in-chief as if nothing happened. To acutely grasp President Goodluck Jonathan’s misbehavior in

Injustice in Corruption Cases:Plot to Support or Sabotage Jonathan?

By OHIA ISRAEL In Nigeria today corruption cases involving public office holders have continued to be thwarted by the powers-that-be. Our investigations revealed that a carefully coordinated plot by the presidency and top echelon of the government is being anchored to sabotage the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The brains behind the plot are throwing spanners in

Replicating the Economies of the “Four Asian Tigers” in Nigeria:

Mr. President, Please Stop Teasing By HENRY OKOROAFOR World leaders gathered in Seoul, South Korea on 27 March, 2012 for Nuclear Security Summit and President Goodluck Jonathan was one of them. He attended the summit in the company of his wife and a few delegates that includes two state governors. After the summit, President Jonathan

Jonathan and 2015

By CHIDI AMUTA In this place, the only realm of activity that seems to be thriving is the political industry. It employs many either directly or collaterally. It empowers a few, converting a handful of thugs into instant millionaires while migrating millions of the so-called electorate into worsening poverty at a rate in inverse proportion