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Kano Sets the Arena for 2015

For Kano State gladiators, the stage is set for 2015, writes Ibrahim Shuaibu As political gladiators in Kano State begin to prepare for the  gubernatorial election scheduled for February 2015, the political space  is daily expanding with more personalities under different guises  showing interest in the process that would produce the next governor of the

From Boston To Kano

BY SHEIKH (DR) AHMAD ABUBAKAR MAHMUD GUMI Brothers ad sisters, if we contemplate very well, the lessons learnt or not learnt from Boston to Kano this week holds the solutions to our insecurity issues in Nigeria. In Boston, with good intelligence analysis, good governance and genuine cooperation of the local populaces, the terrorists were routed

Restoring Peace in Northern Nigeria

By MADIBA LAPINNI Peace, the five letter word had in recent times become the most desirable entity that humanity craves for irrespective of their creed, status, religion and affiliation in life. Peace is not only the absence of war but also the presence of all positive indices that can lead development. It entails the presence