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Street Martyrs

Street Martyrs

By Jennifer Kaja On the 5th of December 2013 a video went viral. In the video, two women were seen being beaten, sodomised and tortured by a group of men for stealing pepper. Videos like these are not uncommon on our social network sites, and my usual reaction to this is not to watch them.

Security and Development

 By ROBERT MCNAMARA The rub comes in this: We do not always grasp the meaning of the word“ security” in this context.  In a modernizing society, security means development. Security is not military hardware, though it may include it.  Security is not military force, though it may involve it.  Security is not traditional military activity,

National Security Compromised by Over-Aged Workers at the Nigerian Immigration Service

By ALUKO OYEBODE S.I The set of Assistant Superintendents of Immigration (ASI) that were recruited into the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) at about the same time as the Immediate-past Comptroller General of Immigration Service (CGIS) should not (under normal/proper circumstances) have more than a period of at most three (3) months left in government service: