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Uncovered: Looting spree at NDDC

Uncovered: Looting spree at NDDC

     Board Members awarded N1 Bn contract each as parting gift      How more than N40 Bn disappeared from NDDC coffers      Board members on jamboree in UK BY OUR CORRESPONDENT Monumental fraud in Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has allegedly continued unabated, as the board members of the commission are severally

On the Approval of 13% Revenue Derivation from Solid Minerals to Northern States

By Dr. EMMANUEL OJAMERUAYE According to the report, “the Federal Government may have opted to appease some northern states … government was worried about rising insecurity in the northern part of the country with vociferous leaders of the north blaming the situation on poverty and inequality arising from alleged lopsided revenue allocation against them…It was

Time for North to Get More Revenue

By ZAYYAD I. MOHAMMED At present, all the 19 northern states cannot effectively function without the monthly allocation from the Federation Account. But can the 19 northern states ever survive without the monthly allocations from the Federation Account? – Certainly yes; if the region can wake-up from its slumber. The thirst of northern Governors for

A Letter to Boko Haram: What would Dan Fodio Do?

  By MALCOLM FABIYI, PhD Recently, your group declared that it would no longer dialogue with the Federal Government. You have publicly stated that Boko Haram has two fundamental objectives. The first is to Islamize Nigeria, expel Christians from Northern Nigeria and re-establish the legacy of Shehu Dan Fodio. The second is to bring an

Professor Itse Sagay on Derivation: A Conflict Between Language and Status

Those who read Law in Nigerian universities know Professor Itse Sagay very well through his numerous textbooks especially on constitutional law. Personally, I have not come across an author on law like him. My thumps were always up whenever I read any of his books as a student of law. I have had contact with

Why it is Imperative to recall Justice Ayo Salami

By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi When we look back at our history, one is reminded of the wanton injustice which pervaded all strata of the Nigerian society firstly, in what historians have termed colonial Nigeria with its attendant whimsical colonial policies and secondly, independent Nigeria with its continued embrace of these colonial policies. The so called Nigerian

Earnest race to the Promised Land

continued from last week By Mahmoon Baba Ahmed Many believed that the meeting of the leaders was deliberately convoked to heighten the already tensed situation in Somalia with a view to sensitizing the world about the alleged atrocities apparently perpetrated by Al-Shabaab, an Islamist group in that country and in other adjoining states, and to

Arewa House

DERIVATION DEBATE: How Northern Leaders ‘Underdeveloped’ the North

Uncompassionate capitalism championed by the greedy northern elite, who own major oil blocks in the Niger Delta, is responsible for the region’s backwardness today By Ohia Israel The debate on the justification of giving 13% derivation of Nigeria’s oil revenue to the oil rich Niger Delta states has of recent become subject of national discuss,