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Dana Crash: How it all happened

The Preliminary Report by Accident Investigation Bureau on 3rd June 2012 about 1545 hours[1], 5N-RAM, a Boeing MD-83, a domestic scheduled commercial flight, operated by Dana Airlines Limited as flight 992 (DAN 992), crashed into a densely populated area during a forced landing following a total loss of power in both engines while on approach

DANA Flight tragedy: Pilot asked to land on longer Runway after first engine failed

Air traffic controllers have told this medium confidentially that the crashed airliner Dana aircraft most likely had one failed engine long before the pilot declared an emergency. Multiple sources confirmed that the pilot had requested to land on Murtala Muhammad Airport’s longer runway 18R before calling air controllers back a few minutes later to report

Revealed: The Ugly Faces of Nigerian Aviation Industry

Exclusive list of Nigerian Aircrafts and their Ages and why the Federal Government should be held Culpable for Plane Crashes and loss of Lives Dana Air Current Fleet 5N-DEV 49947 1900 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 11-05-2012 N934JM – 20.9 Years 5N-JAI 53016 1850 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 21-08-2009 N968AS – 21.2 Years 5N-SAI 53018 1779 McDonnell