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Security: ‘The Way Forward’ – Hon. Umar Bature

In this exclusive interview with Desert Herald, Hon. Umar Bature, Chairman House Committee on the Interior, bares his mind on the duplication of duties...

Saving Education in Nigeria

By MALCOM FABIYI If Nigerians choose to do so, by the International Day of Literacy on September 8, 2012 we can collectively ensure that Nigeria's...

Wishing President Jonathan a ”meditative” leave

By IDANG ALIBI Ever since the news was given out that beginning from last Monday, President Goodluck Jonathan would remain in Abuja for a more...

Is Nigeria A Knowledge Based Society?

By BUKHARI MUHAMMED BELLO JEGA Knowledge and skills have become the global currency of 21st century- economic…if you really want to know how a country...

Is the United Nations of Nigeria Our Answer?

By AZUKA ONWUKA Nigeria should disintegrate peacefully. No, a united Nigeria is the answer. A sovereign national conference is the only way. No, sovereign national...

Bullying in the Nigerian Workplace

By MUTTI YOVBI That bullying has become entrenched in the Nigerian workplace is probably not surprising or noteworthy because after all it is a fitting...

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