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Security: ‘The Way Forward’ – Hon. Umar Bature

In this exclusive interview with Desert Herald, Hon. Umar Bature, Chairman House Committee on the Interior, bares his mind on the duplication of duties in the nation’s civil service and other burning issues affecting the Interior Ministry. Excerpts: As the Chairman House Committee on Interior, what have been your challenges so far? Since I started

Is Nigeria A Knowledge Based Society?

By BUKHARI MUHAMMED BELLO JEGA Knowledge and skills have become the global currency of 21st century- economic…if you really want to know how a country is going to do in the 21st century don’t count its oil reserves or gold mines, count its highly effective teachers, involved parents and committed students- Thomas L. Friedman Knowledge


Is the United Nations of Nigeria Our Answer?

By AZUKA ONWUKA Nigeria should disintegrate peacefully. No, a united Nigeria is the answer. A sovereign national conference is the only way. No, sovereign national conference is a euphemism for disintegration. We can’t have a sovereign national conference when we already have a national assembly. True federalism is the solution. We want resource control. We

Bullying in the Nigerian Workplace

By MUTTI YOVBI That bullying has become entrenched in the Nigerian workplace is probably not surprising or noteworthy because after all it is a fitting reflection of the predatory and exploitative behaviour that has come to typify interactions across various facets of our social sphere. From street gatemen who refuse to open gates for not

Africa’s ‘Most Organized’ Political Party

By FOLABI OGUNLEYE   A FEW WEEKS AGO, Nigerians were mostly minding their business, striving to keep ahead of the rat race of a competitive world when the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, grabbed a microphone to tell his fellow citizens something he thought they should know.   According to the president, his party, the Peoples

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On the trail of Boko Haram

By Andrew Stroehlein One of the best perspectives on Boko Haram. Sadly a Foreigner gives a sound analysis on the Nigerian Crisis than most Nigerian writers. Please take time and read, “You could say Boko Haram is everywhere, or you could say it’s nowhere: both would be correct.” This apparently confusing observation about the Nigerian

Nigerianistan: When Leadership Is Bereft of Ideas?

By PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON   “The People have a right, an indisputable, inalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge- I mean the character and conduct of their rulers. John Adams Again we are in the light for the wrong reasons, to say the least…as usual is the case, last