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Jonathan, Obasanjo at War! President Jonathan has launched what is believed to be ‘the mother of all wars’ against his former boss Obasanjo

The war of Attrition which has been raging between President Goodluck Jonathan and his predecessor, Olusegun Obasanjo, appears to be heading for a titanic climax. This is even as information at our correspondent’s disposal indicates that Jonathan may be fine-tuning plans to hit back at his old pal through a series of “Sting Operations.” One

Stability seeking for Conflict in Nigeria

By ISA ALI PANTAMI Just leaders of responsible countries always try to look for stability and maintain it for progress, growth and development, and whenever conflict arises, it is always managed justly, politely and wisely. Sir Moshe Katsav opined that “aggressive and irresponsible steps endanger the peace and stability of the world.”The case is mostly

How Deported Vaswani Brothers Bounced back in full Force!

Their deals with Kashim Bukar, Barbedos Group Boss How President Jonathan granted them waivers to milk Nigeria The source of their strong influence Their Romance with Adoke and Aondoakaa In 2007, official pardon came the way of the Vaswani Brothers namely Sunil, Haresh and Mahesh as late President Umaru Yar’Adua permitted the three men to


Yar’Adua Wake up! Nigeria is Boiling

By OBINNA AKUKWE Yar’adua , Nigeria’s fourth democratically selected president. Yar’adua , Nigeria’s most unassuming president. Yar’adua , Nigeria’s most frail president. Yar’adua , Nigeria’s most educated president . Yar’adua , Nigeria’s only president with leftist ideology. The manner of your exit equals the manner of your entrance. Mysterious appearance and mysterious disappearance. State Governors

PDP Chairmanship: Why Bamanga Tukur Was Installed Against All Odds

By MOHAMMED ISMAIL The election of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur as the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has distorted the equilibrium and political equation of his home state (Adamawa). Already, tongues have started wagging over the propriety of such an old man manning the touted largest party in Africa with its complexities, lack


Nigeria’s lingering Energy Crises: ‘Conspiracy of the Untouchables’

Those benefitting from the prolonged blackout in Nigeria are the same people in the corridors of power, who have even received National Awards and are believed to be above the law, writes Ohia Israel The duo of Salisu Ibrahim and Jamilu Isiaka are childhood friends. They grew up in the same environment where they were

Jonathan and 2015

By CHIDI AMUTA In this place, the only realm of activity that seems to be thriving is the political industry. It employs many either directly or collaterally. It empowers a few, converting a handful of thugs into instant millionaires while migrating millions of the so-called electorate into worsening poverty at a rate in inverse proportion

malam tukur mamu

‘Boko Haram is a Conduit Pipe in the Presidency’ – Tukur Mamu

DESERT HERALD has been following the activities the Jama’a Ahlilsunnah Wal Da’a wati popularly called Boko Haram right from the onset. Spiritual leader and founder of the sect, late Muhammad Yusuf granted the paper his last interview on earth, before his killing under suspicious circumstances.  Maryam Musa and the Editor-in-Chief of Society Watchdog magazine, Akubo

“Sam, Is it true your Mummy Stole Money”

By SEGUN O’LAW “You’re a thief. You lived a lie. Sitting in an office with plaques and awards and Financial Times articles on the walls and certificates of academic excellence – all lies”, Judge Michael Perl QC scoffed at Tony Billings for theft of £430,000 from his boss to pay for extravagant gifts and foreign