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How President Jonathan, Ministers And Cronies Shared N155 Billion From Malabu Oil Block Sale Scam-PREMIUM TIMES

By Idris Akinbajo The presidency, his associates and some ministers have been named in a monumental money laundering scandal, one of the most elaborate in Nigeria’s history. This medium can reveal today that the N155billion secretly paid to convicted money launderer, Dan Etete, by the Federal Government, on the orders of President Goodluck Jonathan, was


Death and the Old Witch’s Cry (1)

By LOUIS ODION In African folklore, countless myths are surely evoked at the mention of an old witch. The wailing of this dark creature is, for instance, taken as portentous, a signpost to evil. So, at its shriek cry in the middle of the night, no true mother waits to be reminded to hold her

henry okah

Full Statement of Henry Okah to South African Court In The South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa)

Cont’d from Last Week 125. On examination of the pathology documentation relating to an alleged victim of 1 October 2010 reveals inter alia the following: – 125.1. Mr Bala is reported to have passed away on 1 October 2010, at the Kings Care Hospital Zn (zone) 4 Abuja. Evidence provided by the State indicates that

Nigeria’s Educational System and the Democratization of Ignorance

By UGOCHUKWU RAYMOND OGUBUARIRI It has become an incontestable truism that Nigeria’s educational sector is in doldrums. Even with the entire hullabaloo being made about “transformation” of the country, yet, the drums of shame in the sector have continued to resonate and the naked dancers are not showing any sign of fatigue. Only few days

Is Nigeria A Knowledge Based Society?

By BUKHARI MUHAMMED BELLO JEGA Knowledge and skills have become the global currency of 21st century- economic…if you really want to know how a country is going to do in the 21st century don’t count its oil reserves or gold mines, count its highly effective teachers, involved parents and committed students- Thomas L. Friedman Knowledge

MDGs Action Plan in Nigeria

By 2015, nations of the world are expected to meet the first target of the eighth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing, by half, the proportion of its people living in extreme poverty. On paper, this is good news. But accelerating progress on the MDGs needs to be well-thought out. It also requires focusing on

Nigerianistan: When Leadership Is Bereft of Ideas?

By PRINCE CHARLES DICKSON   “The People have a right, an indisputable, inalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge- I mean the character and conduct of their rulers. John Adams Again we are in the light for the wrong reasons, to say the least…as usual is the case, last