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How the Freemasons Rule the World

That was even the case in Nigeria up to the late seventies. Thompson documented these practices in his book on Masonic Experience. He wrote: “It is the custom of Lodge St. David even before Akinyele became Master of the Lodge  for a Master to worship in his church on the Sunday immediately after his installation

Ending Off-Shore Derivation

By Nafata Bamaguje The recent demand by Northern governors for more equitable distribution of the nation’s resources has prompted ridiculously inane responses from Southerners who should know better. Driven by rabid hatred for the North, they obstinately refuse to critically examine the issue at stake, which is simply that off-shore oil revenue from our distant


The Borno’s unending violence: A call for Peace

Saturday 10th March 2012 was another busy day in Maiduguri when people moved endlessly criss-crossing the city to and from wedding venues and receptions. The ubiquitous JTF in strategic location along the roads did not bother them much, since social activities must take place no matter the curfew and harassments by the security forces, provocatively

Nigeria’s Politics of self interest

Politics has been defined as the activities involved in getting and using power in public life and being able to influence decisions that affect a country or society. Informal politics has been in existence from time of yore; it’s very popular (prefix less) antithesis, formal politics, presumably, came with civilization. The history of politics is