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Sokoto Gov. to UBEC Boss: You Are Not Qualified …You Are Ignorant-UBEC Boss

Sokoto State government and Executive Secretary, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) are locked in a war of words over recent comments by the latter that 50 per cent of teachers employed by the state government “cannot read and write.” Sokoto State government, apparently not taking kindly to such scathing comments, last Thursday fired back. In

Restoring Peace in Northern Nigeria

By MADIBA LAPINNI Peace, the five letter word had in recent times become the most desirable entity that humanity craves for irrespective of their creed, status, religion and affiliation in life. Peace is not only the absence of war but also the presence of all positive indices that can lead development. It entails the presence

Who is Idang Alibi Fooling?

By NA-ALLAH MOHAMMED ZAGGA Credulous readers can be easily misled by sophistry and propaganda, which is intended to arrest the intelligence of undiscerning Nigerians. One cannot, therefore, resist the urge to challenge the opinion of Idang Alibi, a freelance journalist, on the outcome of the recent governorship election, which once again returned Aliyu Wamakko of