The politics of 2019 will no doubt decide Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s political destiny. So far and from all directions, Kwankwaso’s political future and chances of asserting his political influence and control in Kano politics in 2019 is not only bleak but shrouded with uncertainties. There is no doubt that apart from President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Kwankwaso is today the most popular politician with grassroots support across the country. But managing the ‘success’ he so far got in view of the unprecedented political challenges he is facing both at home and in the upcoming PDP presidential primary election will be Herculean from all indications.

Winning Kano State not only for the governorship is very crucial for Mr. Kwankwaso and his desire to remain active and relevant in the politics of the State. But political indecision, political miscalculation and seeming attitude of exclusivity may likely work against Kwankwaso. If Mr. Kwankwaso fails as far as the above is concerned, he wittingly or unwittingly planted his own failure. In separate interviews with DESERT HERALD with some keen political observers of Kano politics, they are almost unanimous in their views that the unwise political decision of Sen. Kwankwaso in this regard to endorsed his son in-law, Abba Yusuf as the PDP governorship candidate of the state is by implication giving incumbent Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje an indirect automatic second term. They averred that if eventually Abba Yusuf emerge as the PDP candidate against popular expectations and candidates like the former Deputy Governor, Prof. Hafiz Abubakar, it will certainly be a work over for Mr. Ganduje who has not taken anything for granted despite incumbency advantage and has been working not only for his second term but to ensure that Kwankwaso’s PDP did not get anything in Kano in 2019.

The choice of Kwankwaso’s son in-law if it is allowed will no doubt divide his loyal political camp. Even within the Kwankwasiya political camp, Abba Yusuf is generally seen as an arrogant, conceited, overbearing and highly impatient character, lacking the dexterity and diplomacy in Kwankwaso. As a ‘politician’, Abba is not generous they said. His choice will certainly sends a wrong signal while the opposition will take advantage of the choice that directly favours Kwankwaso during the campaigns. The best Kwankwaso should have done in view of the enormous challenges coupled with the fact that former Governor Ibrahim Shekarau is now in the APC even if Abba Yusuf is qualified politically, is to pick any other person with sufficient grassroots support and a candidate that will attract less controversy and criticism to support but not his in-law no matter his worth politically, if he has. Another option for Kwankwaso is to allowed for a transparent primary election without indicating his interest and direction. As it is, Kwankwaso may likely fought three battles, one within his own party in the state, one with the opposition and one with the highly enlightened Kano voters that will no doubt question his decision to support his son in-law. The Kwankwasiya too as a political movement may react. Political pundits also wondered why such sensitive meeting and decision that involves Kano was done and announced in Kaduna instead of Kano. They said no matter the threat, it is now time for Kwankwaso to take all political issues related to Kano to the State and said it will be impossible to win elections for Kano from Kaduna.

There is also growing uncertainty about the likehood of Mr. Kwankwaso getting the PDP’s presidential ticket even though he enjoys far greater grassroots support than any PDP presidential aspirants. The fact that it is eventually the delegates that will determine the fate of the PDP aspirants will make it more difficult for Kwankwaso to emerge. DESERT HERALD can confirm that in some states like Borno, Yobe, Adamawa etc where PDP is not in power, they have already decided who to vote for at the presidential primaries. While in PDP states where the governors are 100 percent in control of their delegates, DESERT HERALD can authoritatively reveal that virtually all the PDP governors even though they are mostly convinced that Kwankwaso can give President Buhari good fight and can deliver, are not favourably disposed to his candidature and may likely direct their delegates to vote for one out of the two other top contenders of the exalted presidential job. DESERT HERALD stands to be corrected.



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