The greatest task before Buhari



Irked by continuous barrage of corruption and constant erratic power supply, Nigerians expect total cleansing of all economic sectors by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. He should be ready for a total show down with corruption and disregard for the rule of law. Nigerians feel his appointed and frustrated judging by the way corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation.

Therefore, they offered him a good opportunity to perform in order to prove a point and be rewarded with praises from a thankful people. With these challenging actions, the Daura born General thankfully accepted the challenging job to clean Nigeria of monumental corruption
and to prove that he is capable of returning Nigeria to it glorious path.
The quest for viable economic and political dispensation, Nigerians and critical of the political line they took.

Though, party inclination played a vital role in electing General Buhari but his
personal quality, credentials and other areas of consideration also played vital roles. He was a radical reformer and a pragmatic political whose crusade against corruption and indiscipline were very visible judging by his military administration between 1983 and 1985.
While corruption is a condemnable act in all its ramifications, it is worthy to note that the survival and progress of Nigeria does not depend on the fact that the country produces oil. Of course Nigerians are very industrious, therefore it will be of mutual benefit if the roots of corruption are cut down. So Gen. Buhari should approach corruption and poor power sector from a dispassionate angle.

Though he may incur abuses from some politicians who may not like being told the truth, some people in authority may tag him the enemy of democracy or their progress because he does not believe in the business as usual way of doing things (corruption). But regardless of what those in authority may interpret his actions, people who love corrupt free society rely very much on him and failure to do that could surely not be in their interest as Nigeria’s image has been
bastardized home and abroad.

The president elect needs courage to operate. He also needs to know that a river does not flow through the forest without bring down trees. That means he cannot succeed in his crusade against corruption without dealing with those who claimed to be sacred cows and untouchable. If I were Gen. Buhari I will give strong worded inaugural address on the handover day where I will tell Nigerians that corruption is the main roots of our problems plus power failure that has killed commerce and industries in the country.
Gen. Buhari can as well encourage the national Assembly to in act a law making it punishable by death to anybody caught in corrupt practices. China is a shining example; the country did it and is now clean. There is no corruption of any form in china today because anybody caught and the law finds him or her guilty must be publicly executed. That makes china the fastest growing economy in the world today.

Here in Africa, Ghana killed all her corrupt public office holders by public execution making Ghana to be clean from corruption. Nigeria can equally be corrupt free depending on the government in power. The lingering economic problem of Nigeria is dangerous and uncertainly,
no one excepts our lives to be easy.
The Africa’s most populous country is an odd place to live because it is rooted in corruption. Corruption is like a plant, it has roots. Until we address it, it will continue to stand as one of the social vices in the society. If we can destroy those roots, Nigeria stands enough chance to succeed but if we cut only the stalks and leave the roots untouched, the plant will without exception grow on again.

We all know that the mustard seed and roots of corruption have been planted and accommodated in the society. The administrative style in local, state and federal level as much that of our infrastructural facilities, education, health and other institutions including our valued system have either deteriorated or are at the lowest ebb.

Good Luck Jonathan could not take control of the nation’s driving wheels, he was not able to correct the corrupt tendencies especially from those in power and all other office holders. He made corruption a big business and even planted some sacred cows in his administration like his petroleum minister, Mrs. Diesani Allison Madueke who turned the NNPC as a conduit pipe for looting. She was invited on many occasions by various probe committees including that of the National Assembly but she refused to appear as her boss Mr. Good Luck Jonathan condoned corruption in low and high places. The missing 20billion US dollars which Nigerians cannot forget in a hurry is an open wound on the nation’s economy.

The report heard it that the forensic audit of the Nigerian National petroleum corporation (NNPC) operation on the missing money by a foreign auditing firm, price water house coopers discovered that the Jonathan’s administration was interested in the issue that many facts were buried because Jonathan’s hands were tired. He allowed people in his administration to misappropriate public funds as if Nigerian belongs to them alone.
It is so surprising to note that some of the public servants in Jonathan’s government lived in pessimistic state of lavish and glamour yet they were the representations of the public to enhance efficiency but they could not. Because of injustice where public funds were being directed to private purses, people resorted to vandalization of government properties and terrorism. Those in power saw it as a transcending of opportunity to loot public funds.
It abhors gluttony and manipulation calculations of figures. Quite predictable, Buhari’s administration has to react in outrageous at what has generally been described and regarded as mind boggling devices of governance in the country.

Of course, the amount of divide and rules governance in terms of financial control and it judicious utilization is also outrageous. In many of our schools hospital etc. there are no adequate facilities why so? Government has enough money but few individuals continue to squander the nation’s wealth at such great flamboyancy.
One need to know what is really happening in a country popularly known as the giant of Africa. The situation is very uncomfortable. It is true that Mr. Jonathan was reluctant looking at his sub ordinates reading billions not even millions in their personal accounts. Yet they fled for the exposition of all civil servants salary scales. They see it as a means of making hay while they have the opportunity before they are removed from the office.
Many pieces of evidences are available to this medium linking some public office holders with illegal devices of looting public funds into their private accounts. Much funny expenditure is being raised to loot money from the public treasury.

Apart from these we all know how many billions of naira the federal government had invested for the power sector but light is never constant in Nigeria. The total energy generating capacity of the whole PHCN installations in Nigeria is not up to 5, 000 mega watts from all installations allocated in various locations. Nigeria demands more than that on daily basis. But the crux of the matter still peg on corruption. Billions of naira released to service all power plants are diverted into private purses, thereby leaving all the thermal and hydro plants withered, worm out and tired, putting Nigerians at the receiving end.

For this reason, their capacities are weakened. There are always sabotage in the operations, the top management staff of the power sector are regularly accused of excessive corrupt practices. This also reflects to even the junior staff who consider the sector as a gold mine.
For this reasons, Gen. Buhari is excepted to focus his attention on corruption and power sector if he wants to achieve any success. There is need for regular power supply in Nigeria to be increased. This can help the small and medium scale industries that employ millions of people because they are the custodian of the nation’s economic growth.


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