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    Chigbu okoroafor

    My brother I share your concern. This info will help if you can broaden it by reproducing same in other papers

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    Attah Ebije

    Mr Mark you have done well on this write up. I just hope that our southern brothers will read it and understand because I have been a victim of same. But sir, the population of Christians in Kogi State is over 65 per cent. ( please verify it if you wish) forget the political ‘outcomes’. Even in Kaduna state the Christian population is more than 50 per cent….. and that was what enable the present Governor to win the last election.

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    Mr.Attah Ebjie, you got it wrong. Please check your statistics on the percentage to gave.

  4. 4


    Mr.Mark,God bless u,infact your have thrown light on the misconeption of our christian souherners about us.To cut long story short,there are some people that bear names like;Musa,Adamu,Ayuba,Samaila Yakubu even Mohammed and are christians from birth,
    so the southerners should take note.

  5. 5


    Misrepresentation of facts .The xtians are not upto even 10 percent in Bauchi and majority of northern states.

  6. 6

    Oshomah Emmanuel

    That’s true. I have served in Taraba State during my Youth Service (92/93 batch 1), and been to Adamawa, Benue, Nasarawa. In Taraba and Adamawa, the use of the Hausa language is widespread. In Taraba, you never hear them speak Mumuye language (if they have one) being the largest tribe there. The affiliation of the political leaders of the geo-political zone with the Hausa is also a huge factor. Many a time, I educate my friends in the South that the Nasarawa people are not Hausas. People don’t believe or just don’t understand the difference, even with their conspicuous tribal mark. The best way forward is an affiliation between the middle belt region and the Southern region. I know and have experienced that the youths there are very friendly over there. It’s not just a matter of being a Christian, but the nature of the people. While people in the South-South and South East regions live scattered in different parts in any northern city, the Northerners usually live together as if they are xenophobic. This makes it difficult for our people to really interact with them and understand the tribal differences.

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    austine oseose

    brother mark,i would like to print out your article and share it amongst my people here in the south

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    Naomi Anne

    That is great, thank you Mark. Nigerians need this kind of education on the regions, peoples and ethnic groups of Nigeria. Many Southerns are myopic about their concept of the North and mostly, Norther Christians have been the victims of this mindset. Once you are from the North and speak Hausa there is no convincing that you are not Hausa or ‘gambari’ (as the South-Westerns will prefer to call them) and muslim. And I guess for the politics of religion in Nigeria, this favours the muslims big time. To demystify this belief, the last national census ought to have allowed Nigerians to indicate their religions in the census data information. That way, everybody would have known whether or not the North is largely muslim and waht percentage of Northerners.

  9. 9


    Thanks mark! this is one of the greatest truths ever told! I’m already sharing it.

  10. 10


    Mr. Mark you statistics is base on banner not base on reality. U might have been in kabba or lokoja but doesn’t make ur statistic right. Infact. The Ebira people are 70% muslim same as Igala people while that of kabba people are 51% muslims. Apart from other ethnics in the state who also a mixture of both religion. U talk about kaduna been 40% which I see as a guess from you, yes christians are much in kaduna bt not up to 35% of kaduna state, they dominate certain area doesn’t make them contain 40% of kaduna. All the state in d middle belt where dominated by Muslim except Benue state. Southwest is dominated by muslims, northeast and northwest is dominated by muslim, Southeast and southsouth are overwheminly christians except edo state 70% christian. We all know there are hausa Christians of the north but Mr Mark be realistic in your statistic because it doesn’t make people to convert or revert from his or her religion just for been the minority. Allah knows best. People are leaving Islam in Nigeria and Africa but People are entering into Islam in Europe and Asia when they happen to find out that Islam is not what the media say or what they see in the actions of some Muslims but what the Qur’an says. Allah (swa) said, those whose heart is full of doubt, He shall put them in way they have chosen. I, personally is not concern about those leaving Islam but my concern is their hereafter, how are going to explain to GOD the most high when they find out they left the right Religion after they have believed before. Those leaving Islam are not proud of their new Religion that why they don’t change their name and When such person does something evil, they will be called a muslims just because they bear muslim names, who knows, those kind of people might be the Bokoharam who are been use to send a wrong message of Islam in other to look crook in the eyes of the jahiloon(ignorant people). Some said Islam was force on people. I wonder which war happened that force America,Europe,Asia Etc into Islam and we all know who invaded Spain and Bosnian.

  11. 11

    Dipo Emmanuel

    Comment…@ Abdulgafar, where did u get your own statistics? I may not know anything about others region but as typical yoruba man, l can factually say that christians in southwest are over 65%. I reside in Lagos but l’m an indigene of Ekiti state. Have u ever seen a muslim governor in Ekiti or Ondo? The truth about yorubas is that we love ourselves irrespective of your religion belief that is why u’re seeing muslim governors in some states in southwest.


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