The Zamfara 2015 Political Showdown


Zamfara politics must electively be very interesting in 2015 because of power play at both the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as they are really out for political show down, writes Ifeanyichukwu Nnwannah


Both parties continue to hold the people spellbound with actions which are attracting the high, the mighty and the lowly class alike.
It has always been a whirled wind of activities and there has not been a dull moment in all the political activities of the two parties. The APC want to hold tight to Gusau Government House but the PDP is strongly pushing for a change of government.  None of the activities is a political joke as people always come out en-mass to listen to what the both parties have to say in their rallies. Especially the PDP that has never formed government in the state wants to turn the political table around. All the two parties are making their political permutations strategies.
The PDP leaders including the minister from Abuja, Hon Bashir Yuguda, has held meetings with leaders of the 14,000 retrenched civil workers, by the present administration given work to some of them through his position because of federal might.
On the other hand, former Governor Shinkafi is enjoying the sympathy of his fellow Governors and majority of the people of the state who are looking back at his achievements in the state. Just as the defunct ANPP came into power in 2011 because of the sympathy the people had for senator Ahmed SaniYarima, so is it for shinkafi who is now enjoying the sympathy of majority in the state.
They see him as an easy going gentle man who listens  to everybody.
Majority said they will cast their votes for him because of his mutual
relationship with civil servants, women, high and low in the society.
They are looking back at his four years administration comparing it
with the present administration led by Governor AbdulazeezYari.  But
the civil servants, teachers, women, youth and those who have swallowed the bitter pills of this government will revolt against the government through the ballot box.
But then, this is politics, the delegates go where money speaks anything can happen. While Hon. Bello Mohammed Matawalle is spending his resources to ensure that he becomes the state governor. He is buying trailers of grains for both Muslims and Christians during festivals and distributing campaign Vehicles to reach all the nooks and crannies of the state. They call him money bag due to the way and manner he spends money both for individuals and his party in the state.
Since 2003, Hon Bello Mohammad Matawalle has been known as the doyen
of politics in Bakura local government where senator Ahmed SaniYarima
hails from and maradun local government that is why he has been representing the constituency in the Houses of Representatives since
2003. In 2011, he defeated senator Ahmed SaniYarima in the election to
retain his seat on the platform of PDP. He is the chairman, House committee on the security and public safety in the National Assemble.
Though political pundits have suggested that since he is from Zamfara west and former governor shinkafi is from the north, let him be shinkafi’s running mate in 2015 waiting for the former governor to complete his eight years so that he Bello Matawalle can take over but who knows his political thinking. Political analysts see that combination as a formidable force that can push APC out of power.
He has political influence in Zamfara west and can deliver the zone to PDP while former governor shinkafi and senator sahabi Yan kaura control the soul of politics in Zamfara North. If this political permutation works out according to political pundits, PDP will certainly win the two zones while the APC  and PDP battle for the Zamfara central zone. It is well known fact that former governor Shinkafi and Senator Sahabiya’u are the political juggernauts in
Zamfara north and can deliver the zone the PDP The political might of Dr. MallamiYandoto who dumped governor yari’s government and defected to PDP can make a lot of impact even though he comes from Tsafe , the home town of senator KabiruMarafa of APC, it is going to be a battle of the titans because both of them are from Tsafe and have a lot of followers.
MallamiYandotowill be supported by those APC members who were denied
expression nomination forms by the state APC leadership.


Some may
decamp to PDP while others may remain in APC to play spoiler game. But
many see former governor Shinkafias too soft to face governor yari
whom political analysts see as a radical. They submitted that a political radical like Hon. Bello Mohammad Matawallecan match Governor yari in any way.
But some want shinkafi to contest against Governor Yari because Shinkafi has got some structures on ground couple with the sympathy of Zamfara people. An economic expert in the state who spoke to this medium said the economists score former governor Shinkafi high because of the branch of central bank branch he brought to Gusau, the state capital.
The fact is that PDP has every opportunity to take over Gusau government House if the political permutation by political analysts can be adopted. The political experts have studied the terrain of the Zamfara politics and said that the undemocratic leadership of Governor Yari may give the PDP men the chance to enter if they speak with one voice. All eyes are on the leadership of Zamfara PDP.
Majority of the people in the state especially women whom Governor Yari
had failure to give the N 25,000 each he promised them during the
electioneering campaign in 2011 for self reliance. The helpless youth were
denied the opportunity to learn trades due to the scrapping of the state skill acquisition centers, the 14,000 civil servants the retrenched, the teachers he refused to settle their problems and many more may work against him and his APC in 2015.
The PDP has already got victory in their hands on a platter of sold following the rejection of Yari’s government which some of the people told this medium. The success and failure of P D P rest their hand Again Hon Shehu Ibrahim Gusau, chairman Houses committee on ICT, Houses of Representative recently distributed sewing machines and generators to
20 women each from 14 local government areas for self reliance. The law maker established ICT center in Gusau where the youth are being trained free of change with the Gusau industry he open for people to be employed.
On the other hand government yari has made history by constructing 900
road network across the state. To speak the truth Zamfara has one of
the best road network in the country which he said he constructed at
the cost of N65 billion including the federal roads. Nobody who can
enter the government houses including PDP that can talk of road
construction because Governor Yari has done everything even in the
remote areas where local farmers find it easy to transport their farm
produce to the urban areas easily. The government said he how
purchases43,000 motorcycle and  cars and 5,000 tricycles and
distributed to the youth.
Even through former governor Shinkafi in one of his speeches said the
government collected some kickbacks but whatever happens he has laid
sound  legacy which no government it has done in the history of the
state. To a reasonable extent governor Abdul Aziz Yari has made record
on road construction and distinguished in the sector.


If one can judge by his effort in road construction by Zamfara people are likely to give him the second chance but they may likely cede powder to PDP but in spite of all he has done in the road construction to ensure that the state has good road in all nooks and crannies of the state, the PDP is not willing to see the good work.
Though he hoped very much on the incumbent factor and state machineriesat his disposal to fight PDP back,his intellectual wealth but he seems to have a very slim chance of returning to Gusau Government House because of his poor relationship with the people he governs who see him as frugal person and inaccessible.
Of all those who have canvassed for the PDP governorship ticket, Alhaji Sagir Hamisu and AlhajiAdamu Gusau alias (IMAD) are the least likely to grab it. They are seen as those without political roots and are not even politicians. Adamu Gusau (IMAD) is an oil magnet, a business man who has petrol stations across the country. Likewise Hamisu Sagir who have  spent more of his life in Abuja and has chains of businesses everywhere in Abuja but is parading his money.
But in politics of today, he electorates go where money speaks. Never the less a winner must emerge out of the five governorship aspirants of PDP in the state. They have all purchased their expression nomination forms. November 28, 2014 when the PDP governorship primaries will take place decides who goes home with the PDP governorship ticket and get prepared to battle governor AbdulAzeezyari in 2015.


  1. May ALLAH(SWA) sellect the good leaders whom will lead this our beloved great Nation Nigeria with good and straight forward mind,for the benafit of our poor masses.Ameen.

  2. May ALLAH(SWA) sellect the good leaders whom will lead this our beloved great Nation Nigeria with good and straight forward mind,for the benafit of our poor masses.Ameen.

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