US: Tail wags dog


By Adamu Adamu

If, as Ambassador Abba Eban used to say, ‘The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,’ then their counterparts, the Zionists, never miss an opportunity to seize an opportunity-and then cynically exploit one to the fullest, which is not always a bad idea, except that this is often done at the expense of their existential benefactor-the United States of America.

Netanyahu wants the United States to bomb Iran for him, just as it did Iraq, just as it planned with the traitors of the Arab World to throw a dagger at the heart of the Muslim World-and begin the process of tearing it to pieces. Now that the neoconservatives have failed to coax Obama into putting American boots on the ground, the Israeli prime minister reckons he can do it by throwing away all pretences that this is about American interest, by exploiting the most powerful and emotive Western metaphors. And by dividing and exploiting the American administration.

And there is not another Robert Byrd on the floor to put it on record that there is in the hallowed chambers of the American Congress a patriot who will not keep silent after understanding the issues, who will say it as it is unafraid of the power outside, who will speak out and say the truth in spite of the hounds of the media.

It is only indicative of the power that Zionism wields over American officialdom that a foreign leader will be invited to speak to Congress without the approval, support or even official knowledge of the American president. That this Congress will cheer that foreign leader as he takes his American benefactor for granted, give a standing ovation as he insults its president, and concur as he denigrates its foreign policy and scuttling negotiations by the American government as they take place.

But even if, on account of his chutzpah and hubris he is the most brazen about it, Netanyahu is not the first Israeli president to fall out with, insult or otherwise show disrespect to his benefactor-US president. Back in 1956, US President Dwight Eisenhower was once so pissed off by the conduct of then Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion that he had to question his very sanity and balance; and for his intransigence he was later to reject a request by the prime minister to meet him.

In 1975, President Gerald Ford tongue-lashed Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for the breakdown of the Middle East peace process. He had rejected out of hand all entreaties by Henry Kissinger, then US Secretary of State, that Israel withdrew from the strategic mountain passes and oil fields it occupied in the Sinai Peninsula. So incensed was the secretary that he publicly called Rabin a cold-blooded liar who had brought the world to the edge of war.

Again, relations between US President Jimmy Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin became strained on account of the latter’s famous intransigence; and Carter had to cajole Anwar Sadat to accept to cobble Camp David Accords in a way that would placate world Jewry. But for Carter, it proved too late to guarantee his re-election.

When the US attempted to strengthen ties with the Arab World and force Israel end its building of illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land, tension between President George H W Bush and Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir became so thick it could be cut with a knife; and it needed Bush to accept to decimate the radical camp of the Arab World, beginning with Iraq, on behalf of Israel. Once Henry Kissinger said, “I ask Rabin to make concessions, and he says he can’t because Israel is too weak. So I give him arms, and he says he doesn’t need to make concessions because Israel is strong.”

That’s the way it has been, but in the current case there is much unsaid animus. While Netanyahu has reasons to detest Obama, perhaps a bigger and more insidious battle might have been playing itself out here-a battle between the scion of mid-US Minneapolitan prairie sharecroppers and erstwhile dwellers of kibbutzim, and the Western descendant of a would have been Mau-Mau warrior. The conflict might have begun by proxy on the plantation and even today: at least Netanyahu’s’ racism, as seen in his racist opposition to African immigrants in Israel and in the more famous racist case brought against the Netanyahus in a Jerusalem district labour court last year. A black US president would naturally prove indigestible to a racist, especially one with Netanyahu’s hubris.

In addition, the Israeli president had supported the loser-Mitt Romney, his former workmate-in the presidential election that saw this first African-American in the White House. And Obama is not your typical Israel-loving, Star-of-David-waving US president.

Obama also has his reasons for disliking Netanyahu. Like two small school children looking over their shoulders as they talked of the class bully, US President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy cut sorry figures as they whispered about Benjamin Netanyahu at the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Cannes in 2011. Unknown to them, their microphones were still on and their tête-à-tête, which was audible to journalists, gave the world a hint of their disquiet and fear of the Zionist Big Brother watching over them.

“I can’t look at him [Netanyahu] anymore, he’s a liar!” Sarkozy said to Obama.

“You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day,” the leader of the most powerful nation lamented.

This is nothing new. In his The Great War for Civilisation, Robert Fisk has mentioned seeing the highest -ranking American diplomats acting most deferentially, and even out rightly fearfully, when they were in the presence of Israeli politicians.

And two years ago, in a related but bizarre show of morbid support to Netanyahu and a bid to stir up hatred for President Barack Obama, the Atlanta Jewish Times carried a column written by its owner-publisher, who is a well-known Zionist, suggesting that Israel should arrange to order a hit on the US president. He openly called on the Israeli prime minister not to think anything of giving the go-ahead to Mossad agents in the United States to take out a president who is unfriendly to the state of Israel.

And he stated his reason why this needs to be done: so that a frightened and presumably friendlier vice president takes office and implements policies that allow and aid Israel to “obliterate its enemies.” This was all reminiscent of the 1992 plot to assassinate George Bush exposed by Victor Ostrovsky, a retired Mossad agent, and written in the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs. Believed to have been hatched by renegade elements of the Israeli spy agency, if it had gone ahead, they had already planned to blame it on Palestinians. All this is to psychologically intimidate Obama.

Meanwhile, the fate of the real victims of the great and real injustices go unattended; because America’s choicest help is reserved for the greatest aggressor-nation of modern times, before which Western statesmanship is sacrificed and melts at the altar of an incorrect political correctness

Ultimately, Obama, under deliberate, calculated and orchestrated Zionist pressure, may finish his two terms pleasing no one; he hasn’t danced to the melody of the status quo, but he has done nothing to change it. When he came, he promised change; and while the American people wanted him to take on and, hopefully, change Washington, DC, people outside America hoped he would take on the world and, by his actions, launch a re-education of the American people so that they might know.

All over the world, democracy is on its way to being defeated by its own its own successes, by the power of its fourth estate-the press, and on its way to being subverted by the power of lobbyists, the majority that thinks it knows better than the majority. Even if he wants to, Obama will be quite unable to change the status quo created by the elite of the establishment, fortified by the word of the press, tied together by the power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby group, the real distorters of the exercise of popular power.

Netanyahu’s obsession with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a longstanding one. In 1992, as a member of the Israeli Knesset, Netanyahu raised the alarm that Iran would make and detonate nuclear bombs by 1995. The year came to pass without an Iranian Bomb; but instead of eating his words, he found the nerve, as Israel’s prime minister, in a 1996 speech to the US Congress the following year, to again issue the dire warning to the world that time was running out. But time didn’t run out; and again in a BBC interview in 1997, he swore that he had evidence Iran was building a stockpile of intercontinental antiballistic missiles with range long enough to hit United States mainland.  In 2012 he again declared from the podium of the United Nations that Iran would build the bomb within one year of his address. And the US Congress had the folly not only to listen but to give him a standing ovation. And it is all false.

Today, Israel is what stands between America and true world leadership: whatever else America does-it may lead the world in industrial production, it may stockpile the most lethal, and most extensive arsenal, it may defeat all its enemies, it may be the richest nation in the world, it may surpass every nation in the standards of living, and it may come to lead in the knowledge economy; but it will never be able to aspire to the moral leadership of the world, so long as it carries this Zionist excess baggage. And in the end moral leadership is the only leadership that ultimately matters.


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