We Made Sacrifices To Win 2015 Election – Oyegun


By Godwin Mbachu

National chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC) Chief John Oyegun yesterday revealed that the party’s victory at the last general election was a product of sacrifice by the members and national leadership of the party.

He said that the leaders jettisoned their personal interests and subjugated them to the will and wishes of the people to win the election, noting that democracy can only thrive if the people were given a chance to choose their leaders.

Oyegun who spoke in Abuja when the former Nigerein President, Mamam Usman paid him a courtesy visit also said that the people’s will prevailed in the election.

According to him, APC as a political party had a very excruciating experience with the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) which he said did everything to frustrate the victory of the party.

He stated that the PDP never wanted the birth of the party from the contemplation of the idea to form it by the legacy parties.

Oyegun’s revelations followed an understudy exercise by the visiting former Nigerien president who is also the leader of the opposition in his country to ascertain steps taken by APC to win the elections from opposition status.

He said, “The leaders of the 16 political parties of your alliance must be ready to subjugate. That is when the people of Niger will now have choice. We hope every nation in the continent will learn from our example.”

Earlier, the former president Usman said that his country and other Nigeria’s neighbours followed the election with so much fear, wondering what would happen before, during and immediately after the election.

He also expressed gratitude to the authorities for allowing peace to prevail eventually.

“I was one of those who have seen the result of the election even before the official announcement. of the result.”


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